Hate Or Love

Vampires don't exist right? Wrong.all my life,i believed i was living wrong.I believed my life was pathetic and horrible.But one stupid night changed all my thoughts.I was kidnapped by someone i actually knew.I thought i knew him perfectly.I knew nothing.He was a nightmare i prayed would never come true.but what shocked me most was who saved me......



1. Daniel

Hate or love? Chapter 1
( Aiden's POV )
I woke up in a strange place. Dark walls, wooden floors, the windows were locked closed.what was going on? Where was I? As i looked around my surroundings,I remembered what happened. I was kidnapped! But What didn't make sense was who would do this? I never did anything wrong.Who hated me this much to take me away from everything i love? These questions were running threw my mind, trying to look for a answer that will- The door burst open, Interrupting my thoughts. The person just watched me as i carefully studied their body features with confusion. They didn't look familiar to me. But then again He/she was dressed in a all black outfit with a black mask. U could barley recognized who they were. I was about to open my mouth to speak when i was interrupted once again but this time, by a high pitched scream, causing me to flinch. " is someone scared? " The man spoke. I looked back up at him to find him smirking back at me. " N-No " My voice came out, but barely a whisper, more of a hush tone but loud enough to be heard. The screams kept going off, flinching everytime it was heard. What was going on???? " Yeah right. I know your frightened Aiden.. " What? How did he know my name?!? As if he read my mind he spoke answering my question " I know more about you then you think Aiden. I know about Your parents, Your school life, Emma... " How did he....? Wait how did he know about Emma??? I only told two of my closest friends about the girl i truly love. " H-How do You K-Know about me?? About E-Emma??? I only told two people about H-Her " As i finished my sentence the man just chuckled loudly " You really don't know, do you? " he chuckled lowly. Wait. I know that laugh. But why would he do this? My best friend? " Daniel? Why? Why would you do this! " i said, my voice getting louder with every word. My fist clenched together tighter as i noticed him smirking at me. He thought this was a joke! " Haha why so angry pal? " " WHY WOULD YOU DO THIS TO ME!!! " I Yelled thinking i could take control of the situation. Ha. BIG mistake. Daniel came towards me and in a quick motion his fist collided with my right eye. I groaned in pain as my right eye Immediately started throbbing. " Got anything else to say?! " He was furious. But i wasn't gonna let him frighten me as i stood up noticing he had a height over me but i just ignored it. When i was finally steady i swung at him, punching him right in the jaw causing him to move his head from the force of my punch. He turned his head back in my direction when fear Immediately took over my braveness. His eyes were a deep shade of red, his face was cracking, and the worst of all, fangs hung out of his mouth. I couldn't believe it. My best friend was my worst nightmare. Daniel was a vampire.
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