You happened

Shade's father is a scientist, the only thing bad about that is he works with human genetics. When Shade finds himself hurtling into a portal he finds in his dad's lab, things get crazy. Shade suddenly finds himself trapped in the future but it isn't the place he dreamed about, with hover cars and robots, its a deadly place where the residents like to play games. These games are deadly, and the only way to win, is to be the last one standing. Allison McHalen is a survivor and one of the last humans on earth, when she gets the chance to end the hell she is living before it even gets started she is all too willing, only she didn't count on falling in love with her prey, Shade himself.


2. you're human

The girl got up off of me and scrambled backwards, in the new light I could see what she looked like. Her hair was a dark, chestnut brown, her eyes were an ivy green. She was beautiful. Her words unnerved me, what did she mean it was impossible that I was still alive?  I sat up on my elbows and narrowed my eyes at the girl. 

"What do you mean, It's impossible that I'm human?" I asked, as I got up and brushed the dirt off of my trousers. The girl was eyeing me wearily as I rose, like she was calculating how easy it would be to take me down again. 

"You... You really are human. That can't be, I... I saw you this morning, you're locked in a cell... You can't be here." The girl rambled on, she wasn't making any sense. Suddenly she rushed forward and grabbed hold of my arm before dragging me out of the street and into the corner. 

"What are you doin-" I started to say but she put her hand over my mouth and interrupted me. 

"Shh!" She hushed me, a sound came from where we just where. Voices.

"Find the girl, without her we can't get Shade back." Someone said, the girl went deadly silent and so still you would think she was dead. Her breath came out normal, but it was the way she measured each time between her breaths that had me worried. When the voices moved on the girl slumped against me. I wasn't sure what to do so I just stood there, like a statue made of unmovable stone. We just stood like that for a while, for a moment I thought she had fallen asleep but she moved suddenly and then I was on my ass again. 

"Ok, who the hell are you? Because you have a heartbeat and you're human, and that is impossible." The girl seethed.

"Hold on a second, before I ask what you mean and we get into some sort of debate about my humanity, can I at least know your name?" I asked and the girl looked confused. She knelt down beside me and put two fingers against the spot where my pulse was, she started into my eyes as if seeing me for the first time. Finally she moved her hand away and took a deep breath.

"Allison, my name is Allison."

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