I know everybody does reviews but I would like to do this as well as everybody has their own opinion - We can only do 1 story per person to start off with x But we'll probably get round to doing any extras if we've finished all the others x ;)


2. The mode (by Tazmaniangirl)


 The mode

The mode is a movella by Tazmaniangirl. It is not finished yet and only holds the prolouge but is already starting to have a good story line. One good thing about the movella is she makes you think in between the lines. She doesn't tell you exactly what happens but you can work out from what the charecters in the movella are doing. This is a very good and helpful skill to have.


I Rate It   74/100 (it's not finished but keep going!)

Reveiwed bt Happyplace7 :)

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