I know everybody does reviews but I would like to do this as well as everybody has their own opinion - We can only do 1 story per person to start off with x But we'll probably get round to doing any extras if we've finished all the others x ;)


3. The colours of life (by Tohpi)


The colours of life by Tohpi are some magnificent poems. They really show some of life's situations but in poetry. most her other movellas are in danish so i think english is not her first language. But that doesn't fault her work at all. Beautiful english. Only very few spelling mistakes. You Tohpi have a great talent for poetry. Keep going. One of Tojpi's best poems is addicted. It tells a story of a grandpa who's life has gone down the drain. Beautiful and i can not say any more.


98/100  slight problem in our last childhood's night. some of the sentences don't make sence check if you are struggling on google translate. Other than that be u ti ful!!!!!!!!!!

Reveiwed bt happyplace7 :)

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