I know everybody does reviews but I would like to do this as well as everybody has their own opinion - We can only do 1 story per person to start off with x But we'll probably get round to doing any extras if we've finished all the others x ;)


4. Co Authors Note


I'm now a co author, due to a lot of interest being taken in this movella x So I'll be helping out x

Please be patient, we'll try and read all of your requests x

For people who are a little shy : Please don't worry if your story has little notice, we will review it anyways. This is what we're here for, to give you hints on how to improve, and to give your story a bit of a shout out :)

Please - no haters, but if you'd like to make a (kind/supportive) comment on one of the story's we've talked about, we may add it to the bottom of the review x You may remain anonymous if you'd like x

If you wish for us to include the plot/blurb in your story's review, just ask x

Thank you all,

Dream Walker x

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