1. Protolouge

Walking through hallways and door ways, trying to find yourself is a hard journey.  Trying to see the future.  Trying to see what you will become through windows of an old dusty house.  It's hard to see.  Little things keep you from being able to see the outside world, but sometimes, you can wipe all of that away.  It may not take one wipe at first but soon you find yourself, looking through a mirror outside your window, and noticing you're not like every one else in the world.  Noticing your own beauty, and that of someone elses', along with the twisted world you may live in.


Although not everyone's journey will be an easy one, you may find yourself noticing your personality and cry seeing how ugly you've been.  Or maybe you see how hatred has decapitated your life and heart.  But seeing this helps you become a better person no matter what.  People may call it, "your problem(s)" but what they don't understand is that you've been putting it onto other people's shoulders as well, whether it be you in a gang or you getting a D in school.


When I was a kid; about thirteen, and all through middle school and high school, I tried to find myself.  I tried to see what I could become.  I tried to see something in myself to be proud of and never look back regretting my life or my own existence.  I tried to look at the world with kind eyes but always ended with red ones.


Bullied, and feeling alone, can make you feel as though no one in the world cares about you, along with other people who they're mean to.  Of course, at thirteen, you don't see others being bullied.  Instead, along with everyone else, you turn your head.  You listen to music to get rid of all those hurt feelings.  To try cheer your self up because you talk to anyone about it.  You don't think they would understand, and you'd never expect them to.


But one day you will find that one person that understands completely.  You'll end up being as helpful and as good of a friend, as they will to you.

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