What happens when everything you love changes for the worst?

Danielle Miles wants to be normal. She wants to feel normal.
And yet she can never be normal because of her secret; the one thing she despises about herself most of all.
But what happens when she if forced to use her secret to help others who are just like her?
Who are... different.


11. Thirteen: Chapter Ten

The first thing I did was scream.
    I didn't want to; it just came out.
    And it was a loud scream. One that pierced my ears and made the blood pound behind my eyes. I wanted to stop but I couldn't hold it in.
    Soon my lungs burned from lack of air and I finally stopped screaming. I opened my eyes and was shocked to see white. Was I dead? Everything was white, from the walls to the floor, and made up of soft white cushions that felt like clouds. Maybe I was dead.
    But I couldn't look at it for long. I grabbed my head which felt like it had been hit by a giant rock. Looking down at my hands, I had to hold in another scream when I saw gruesome burns covering my palms and which hurt like hell.
    My muscles felt as if someone had tried to pull them out of my arms and my legs ached, pins and needles shooting through them when I finally regained control of them.
    "Hello...?" My voice was hoarse. Taking in the room again, I noticed the black glass in the wall to my left and stared at it as if it were a joke.
    I never thought I would think that but I wished I was still in Nova and not dead.
    No one answered me.
    It was just silence.
    "I'm scared," I whispered, my voice barely even there. "Jokes over. It's not funny anymore," I scanned the room but nothing changed. The idea that this was all real and that I was dead kept creeping its way into my head. "Guys...?"
    "I don't care!" I heard someone yell. I tried to stand up but the blood rushed to my head too quickly and the room spun around me. I sank down on the floor and crawled slowly towards the glass. "I need to help her!"
    "Hello?" I pressed myself against the glass to see if I could see through it. "Is anyone there?"
    "Dani!" The voice screamed and I jumped away from the glass. A part of the wall was jerked away and Naida rushed into the room. I was so glad to see her that tears were soon falling down my cheeks.
    "Naida," I wept and she skidded to her knees and grabbed me in a hug. "Naida, what's going on?"
    "It doesn't matter. What’s matters is that you're still Dani and I'm still your best friend" Her voice was thick and I felt her tears wet my hair. I just nodded, unable to speak. We sat on the floor hugging for ages. But it didn't amount to how long I felt like I was asleep.
    I gasped. I was supposed to be in a coma. That potions job was to make me sleep but my eyes were open and I was awake. Then the memories came back to me. They came rushing back like a train and I felt my heart explode. I stiffened when the thoughts filled my head to the point where I had to close my eyes to try and stop the fountain of tears gushing down my cheeks.
    "Dani?" Naida pulled back to look at me but I turned away. "Dani, what's wrong?"
    "What did I do?" I whispered.
    You did what I told you to do. Ivy laughed. The anger instantly boiled up inside me and filled my body with rage. Rage towards Ivy.
    "Well, you kind of..." Naida trailed off when she saw my arms flop down to my sides and my eyes lower to the floor. "Dani?"
    "Naida, get out. I'm being controlled" I turned to look at her and saw the fear in her eyes.
    Where's the fun in telling? Ivy sighed.
    "Leave me alone!" I yelled, clutching my head. I looked up at Naida. "Naida, go. Please. I might lose myself again and I don't want to hurt you"
    "Okay," She nodded rapidly and stood up. "But promise me that when you have control again, you'll tell me what's going on"
    "I promise. Now get out of here!" I pleaded. My eyes were shifting and I felt my hair growing crazily again. She ran out and slammed the door behind her. A light behind the glass flickered on and I saw a couple of scientists, Cerulean and Naida all staring as I felt myself change.
    "What are you doing?" Cerulean snapped. "What do you mean you're being controlled?"
    "A ghost is inside my head and is making me attack people!" I screamed and writhed in pain on the floor as I fought against Ivy's mind. "Get her out!"
    "A ghost?" Cerulean snickered. "That's-"
    "The complete truth?" Ivy used my mouth to speak to Cerulean. "It's true; I'm inside her head and I'm not leaving. She has far too much power. I need her"
    "Get out of my friend you sick freak!" Naida yelled, banging her fist on the glass. My writhing stopped and I felt a sudden weight occupy my head. I stood up and glared at the glass. I felt weak but obviously Ivy's conscious felt perfectly fine.
    "I don't appreciate being called a sick freak, you rude girl," Ivy scolded in my voice. She had taken full control of my body again. "And I would much rather be out of this cell, if you don't mind"
    "I'm sorry..." Cerulean was clearly confused and I laughed mentally and felt the corner of my mouth prick up slightly. Maybe I still had some control after all. "We can't allow that"
    "Why not?" She asked. "Danielle's human and her friends must be worried about her by now. What will all of the attacking she did"
    I snapped.
    The anger I felt let me kick Ivy out of my mind and force her into the ring. Mentally, I was able to grab the small ghost girl and push her out of my mind. All through that my body was on the floor and my mouth was silently screaming. Once I felt her out of my body and my thoughts were free, I tugged the ring off and threw it on the ground.
    "Dani...?" Naida asked cautiously. All I could do was lay on the floor and pant heavily. I was myself again. Ivy was gone and my body was free for me to control. But I still felt corrupted on the inside. I still felt... evil.
    "Yep," I slowly raised my aching arm and tried to grab hold of the wall but my fingers couldn't grip onto the cushions material. "But I can't do anything"
    Naida laughed. "I'm sorry but I can't come in to help you. Your mind buddy was just giving me attitude"
    "Believe me, she's not my buddy," I laughed through my nose, finally able to pull myself into a sitting position. "The bitch kept taking control of my body" I shivered and looked down at the ring.
    "Get the ring out of there," Doctor Cerulean muttered to another scientist and pushed one through when he shook his head. "Now!"
    "Naida?" I asked.
    "I promised to tell you," I looked up when the wall pulled away and the scientist came in with a large pair of tongs. He carefully picked up the ring, as well as making sure to lean as far away from me as possible, and carried it at arms length out the door. "I found the ring and it was possessed by Ivy, who's a ghost. She made me feel guilty about being trapped in a ring and not being able to do anything so I... I put the ring on. When Scarlett attacked that scientist Ivy started. She wanted me to do something so she took control of my mind and started on everyone. But she drained my energy and so I drank a potion that was supposed to make me fall into a coma. But then I woke up in this lovely room"
    "Well," Naida couldn't form the right words. "I can tell you still have your personality but, Dani, you really don't look like yourself"
    "Oh go on. Tell me I look like a ghost" I sighed and felt my shoulders slump.
    "Show her" Cerulean ordered and a scientist stretched up and pressed a button. The glass switched back to black nothingness and I saw what she meant.
    My eyes looked like B12's; no pupils, just the one colour for the whole eyeball, except my eyes were an electric blue. My hair was a crazy lion's mane around my pale face and I looked a sight. Two red scars lined my face; one across my nose and one down my lip.
    "Oh my..." I pulled a hand down my face and winced as it grazed my burns. "I don't think I'm going out for a while"
    Cerulean snorted and the lights flicked back on. "You weren't going out anyway"
    "Excuse me?" I glared at him. He had no right to tell me what to do; I'd just had a flipping ghost in my head.
    "You're going to have to go through some anger management," He held up a hand when I tried to protest. "We can't be sure if you're lying about the ghost or not"
    "Do you really think I would make something like that up? And be bothered enough to actually shift myself into this," I motioned to my face. "By the way, how did I get the burns and scars?"
    Cerulean looked over at the door and Doctor Mayhew came through, looking expectantly through the glass at me. He smiled and I smiled back.
    "After you fell sleep, the ghost still tried to use your body to attack people," Doctor Mayhew explained. "You were thrashing about all over the place but you did manage to injure a couple of workers who were trying to stop you and they had to use force to make her stop. We had to put a straight jacket on you to stop you," He pulled a hand over his face. "And Scarlett, well-"
    "What's wrong with Scarlett?" I demanded. I had seen the crazy look in her eye.
    "Scarlett's having trouble getting used to her..." Doctor Mayhew paused, not sure what to call the room she was trapped in.
    "Cell" I suggested.
    He sighed. "Yes, cell. She wants to talk to you but I don't think you're stable enough yet," He quickly finished when I tried to stand up. "Wait a couple of days. She isn't making much sense anyway"
    "Can I see the others?" I asked, trying to ignore the pang in my heart.
    I needed to apologize.
    "Well, we're not sure that's a good idea," Doctor Mayhew muttered something to Cerulean and then quietly asked Naida to leave. She didn't want to but Cerulean snapped at her so she quickly left. "As I was saying, we don't want you hurting the others. They are still Subjects after all"
    "I'm fine! Watch," I squeezed my eyes shut and concentrated on the colour, shape and look of my eyes. The only image in my head was the one thing I liked about myself: My chocolate brown eyes. I opened them again and the mist seemed to have vanished. "Did it work?"
    "Yes, it worked. You have normal brown eyes now. How's that meant to convince us?" Doctor Mayhew crossed his arms and gave me a skeptical look.
    "It's supposed to show you I'm fine," I stood up and walked over to the glass. I had to use all my concentration on not wobbling on my feet. "And that I want to see Scarlett"
    "It's not just you that has to be stable," Doctor Mayhew tried to explain but all I wanted was to get out. "Scarlett is, well, not Scarlett" The image of Scarlett's fiery eyes and the long dripping knife was enough to make me sit down again.
    "What do I do now?" I asked.
    "We were thinking you could have some anger management while we examine the ring. We don't know if you're lying or not," Doctor Mayhew looked down at his clipboard. "And we need you to wear some devices that will control your anger. It'll only be for a while"
    "Great," I crossed my arms and slouched against the wall. "More flipping jewelry"



    "You've got to be kidding me" I sighed, watching the scientists sort my brand new fashion statement. And I noticed at the same time they did this they checked how quickly my burns were healing. I had to admit, they were clearing up rather quickly.
    Oh, and by fashion statement I mean they shouldn't of even existed.
    As I sat yawning from my abrupt sleep, they attached wide metal bracelets to my wrists. I had already had the metal earrings embedded in the top corner of my ears. They still stung a little.
    "How do you heal so quickly? These should've taken weeks and they've already started vanishing in a matter of seconds" One scientist muttered.
    "Well because of how old I am I don't really want to spend my time healing, do I?" I shrugged.
    "How old are you?" He asked. He seemed actually interested and I was shocked into silence. No one was ever really curious about my life and here was this scientist, who was setting up my Anger Controller on my wrists, who was asking about my life.
    I almost told him until I remembered that he was the scientist employed in Nova, the research facility dedicated to taking my blood through a needle.
    "Like I'm gonna tell you that," I laughed. Then I nodded my head towards the bracelets. "Are you finished yet?"
    He pressed some buttons and the bracelet locked into place, sealing away the anger I felt. He shut the hatch on the bracelet and nodded. "All done"
    "What happens when I get angry?" I asked, twisting one bracelet round.
    "With small amounts of anger you will get mild electrical shocks but when you feel like you want to kill someone you will be electrocuted," He smiled like he was being helpful but it just made me feel sick. "Have fun"
    "Thanks" I sighed.
    I could only ever transform when I was angry. Did this mean I would never be able to transform again?

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