What happens when everything you love changes for the worst?

Danielle Miles wants to be normal. She wants to feel normal.
And yet she can never be normal because of her secret; the one thing she despises about herself most of all.
But what happens when she if forced to use her secret to help others who are just like her?
Who are... different.


9. Thirteen: Chapter Eight

I laid in bed staring at the ceiling for what felt like eternity. And even though Lexi had demanded that I rest too many questions and worries filled my head to the point of explosion and kept buzzing around, keeping me very much awake.
    Why hadn't I transformed? I had only used some sort of super power and completely attacked 3.0 when the only thing I felt was anger. Just pure anger towards him. The look on his face had caused that.
    What were those vibrations? I didn't feel them then, probably because I was trying to keep my anger under control and not go back into the gym to kill 3.0, but I had seen Merlin. He had felt them too but he hadn't said anything. Had these been going on for a while? But none of the others subjects seemed to have felt them; just Merlin and me.
    And third, why had that great monster of a man been so set of seeing me hurt? I hadn't done anything to him; he had been the one to attack me. Had I done something to him in my past that I couldn't remember and now was his time to get me back? And he had stuttered, just like Sebastian when he seemed to like me. Maybe that had just been a slip of the tongue but I wasn't sure.
    So that made way for another question. What was 3.0?
    There were so many more questions but those were the main ones. For now, they were the Queen bees of the hive and the rest were their willing subjects. Until the other questions manifested into even bigger parts of my brain.
    I sighed and pushed myself into an upright position. My head was killing me and I had to rest it in my hands with my eyes closed for a couple of minutes to stop the room from spinning. I couldn't be bothered to change out of the jumpsuit and I didn't really have anything else to do.
    "Maybe I'll go see if Merlin's in his room" I suggested to myself.
    I quickly ran through the Nova hallways, already learning my way around. When I stopped in front of Merlin's cage I looked in cautiously, not sure what I would see. He was in there, laid on the bed reading a book.
    "Hi," He blinked, clearly surprised by my sudden appearance. He sat up and put his book down, then came over to the bars. "What's up?"
    "I..." I paused. I wasn't actually sure why I was here, something in the back of my head had told me to visit Merlin. "I'm not sure" He looked puzzled for a second but then nodded in understanding.
    "I know why you're here," He sat down on the floor and motioned to the empty space in front of him. "I need to talk to you about something"
    I sat down and crossed my legs, getting myself into a comfy position. "Okay, I'm listening"
    Merlin took and deep breath and collected his bearings. "I haven't been completely honest with you" He whispered.
    "What do you mean?"
    "You remember the first day you were here?" He asked. I nodded my head instantly; nothing on Earth could make me forget that day. "You were weak and scared so I could get into your thoughts easily. I convinced you to try and escape because no more people should go through what we have endured. But they'd fixed the alarm system; I hadn't expected them to fix it so quickly and I'd thought you would leave Naida. My mistake. And when you were struggling with 3.0 I could get into your head again because you were freaking out, although you were hiding it very well. The point is I heard the thoughts you had in your head about escaping and helping us out. So, I told the guys-"
    "Wait, you told them the plan to escape?" I pointed an accusing finger at him and he shrank away from it.
    "We weren't sure if you were going to help us or not!" He yelled in defense. "A lot of thoughts mixed together in your head so I couldn't make out which ones were which"
    My eyes narrowed and I wasn't sure if I believed him or not.
    "Okay..." I decided to trust him. "I'll let you off"
    He grinned. "Anyway, when you were scared those two times I manipulated your fear and gave you more power than you intended to use. I thought you would break down the walls or something and escape, allowing us to escape as well, but..."
    "But what?" I asked, not really sure if I wanted to know the answer.
    "The Generator..."He sighed.
    "What Generator?"
    "The Generator is what stops me from using my mind to smash through the walls and leave this fucking place. It controls all the other Generators and in turn they send waves of electricity through the floor that only I can feel and it stops the subjects from getting too angry and it winds me the fuck up! I can't concentrate on anything and then the next thing I know I'm as calm as anything!" He exclaimed, screwing his hands into fists with trying to control his anger.
    "But, how can I feel them if you're supposed to be the only one?"
    "As I said before, I could get inside your thoughts easily 'cause you were scared and now I can come and go as I please. Sorry to put it that way," He apologized when he saw my expression. I would have to be extra careful about what I thought about. "But because I was allowed into your head I let you feel the vibrations as well and your brain just latched onto that feeling, so now you'll be able to feel them all the time. And then maybe you'll see just how frustrating it is"
    "But... why? Why would you want me to feel the Generator?" I asked, bewildered. Why did Merlin trust me enough to tell me all of this? I had only been in Nova for three days and I was already letting people get inside my head, letting everyone know my weaknesses and having the crap beaten out of me because of vibrations!
    I was going crazy.
    "You're number Thirteen" Merlin grinned a half smile. I shrugged and he pulled a hand over his face. Why was that important to me? "That means you're the one who's supposed to break us out"
    "Supposed to?" My eyebrow rose.
    "Hey guys, what you doing?" Candace asked, prancing down the hallway and sitting down next to me.
    "Tell her" Merlin's expression turned serious when he looked at Candace. Her face went even paler than it already was.
    "O-Okay," She gulped and turned to me, taking hold of both my hands in her cold ones. "When y-you were attacked in that s-school I was the masked figure"
    "And Sebastian"
    I just stared at her. I couldn't speak. After a while I had to suck in a deep breath. They had been the ones that had freaked me the hell out and hurt Niada?! I stood up and paced back and forth as I tried to control my breathing. And my anger.
    Is that why Sebastian was weird with me? Because he was the one who had brought me here?
    "Look on the bright side," Merlin piped up, attempting to lighten the mood. "You got to meet us" I just shook my head and shut my eyes, my fists clenching and my anger trying to get out. I started feeling the vibrations sneak up my leg but I took another deep breath, forcing them away from me.
    What now? Should I forgive Candace for being so nice? Or should I be infuriated at her for bringing me to this hell hole?!
    "Dani...?" Candace asked. I ignored her; I was too absorbed in the conflict of either calming down or killing her for bringing me here. "Are you mad at me?"
    I turned to her and opened my mouth. But then I paused.
    This wasn't her fault; she'd just been following orders. She'd been told to bring Naida and me here and she'd comprehended obviously because they'd threatened her with something and she'd been scared.
    "No," I replied after a while. "No, I'm not mad. You did what you were supposed to do and I'm grateful that you told me now" She smiled and I hugged her, taking her by surprise. But she hugged me back never the less, relived that I had forgiven her.
    I flopped onto the floor and closed my eyes. I heard someone approached and Merlin laughed, saying, "She's having a hard time" I opened my eyes to see Saffron staring down at me with a tray.
    "I thought you'd want a hot drink," She smiled. "I could feel the tension from down the hall" I sat up and took a cup, using it to warm my frozen hands. Once I took a sip of the sweet hot chocolate the heat and goodness filled my body and I lent back in the arm chair, feeling content for the first time I'd been in this place.
    This was the time the information I'd been told finally aligned themselves. I was number Thirteen; that meant I was supposed to free the others. I'd been having the thoughts of escaping so that must have made the Merlin happy that I was going to help them so he decided to tell me everything I needed to know.
    Naida ran down the hall and collapsed onto the floor.
    "Naida, what's wrong?" I asked, placing the cup on the floor.
    "I... have..." She gasped, waving a piece of paper in front of me. "Newspaper..."
    "What?" My eyebrows furrowed and I took the page from Naida.
    On the front, in big bold letters, were the words: 'Local girls still missing'.
    "What?!" I exclaimed and made everyone look at me with concern, for my voice had risen an octave. Holding the pages in shaking hands, I scanned through the whole article, feeling more and more anger bubbling inside me.

Two girls, both the age of seventeen, have been missing since the night of Monday the Nineteenth. Witnesses say they were taken when on the coach of Academy Di Ta Lento on their way home from the schools open day. The information given to us by the students and by the bus driver both match up to each other; the girls, Danielle Samantha Miles and Nadia Leah New, were kidnapped.
Witness reports claim they were taken by two masked figures able to bend the shadows to their own will, these were the exact words said by students on the coach, and then were dragged into the forest, where police have been searching for the past two days. The mothers of the girls are devastated and plea that if you have any information of the whereabouts of their daughters to contact the police or them directly.

    My whole body shook as I read the newspaper clipping from that morning.

The search for the girls has been called off. Yesterday, two males came forward with important information. They found the girls bags and clothes near a deep river in the forest and have told the police they were able to spot blood in the river bed before it was washed away. The clothes were also covered in blood and, after analysis, have been identified as Naida and Danielle's blood. The police decided the girls had been kept somewhere in the forest and then killed. Their bodies have not been found.

    The paper floated from my limp fingers.
    We were... dead?
    It was getting increasingly hard to breath. Tears started pouring down my face as I felt the anger inside me boil over the edge. My whole body shook with the senseless fury that I felt towards the scientists.
    It was their fault.
    They were the ones that had told the police we were dead.
    I gasped as more tears flowed down my face.
    They were going to pay.
    I bolted down the hallway, towards the only place I felt they would be. I knew where they would be and I knew I would kill them.
    "Dani!" Naida yelled. I ignored her and kept running. Spotting the door I was looking for, I bashed it open and it flew off its hinges. Taking the stairs two at time, I made it to the top in a matter of seconds and broke the next door as well. Scientists going about their busy cowered away from me but I just brushed them off and walked down the hall. I was so blinded by fury I didn't care.
    I knew where I was going. I didn't know how I knew but I'd just pictured the place where he'd be.
    Finding the double doors, I pushed them open and walked into the room. Cerulean was sat in an office chair behind a desk and two scientists I didn't recognize were stood behind him, cowering away from me.
    "You could've knocked" A coy smile played across his lips and I shook with resentment towards him. I ran at him, claws already in the place of where my hands should've been.
    "I'll kill you!" I screamed. Something hard wrapped around my waist, pulling and forcing me away from Cerulean, who just sat with the smuggest smile ever.
    "Danielle, calm down!" Derek yelled.
    "Whatever for?" He grinned, asking both Derek and me the same question.
    I clawed at Derek's arms. "You said I was dead!"
    "Oh that wasn't me, my dear. It was these two," Cerulean motioned to the doctors trying to hide from me and my hate-filled eyes turned to them. "Let her go"
    "Uh, s-sir," One tapped Cerulean on the shoulder. "What are you doing?"
    "I know she won't hurt you; she doesn't have to guts. If someone like her was allowed to kill she would've done it long ago. I gave her the chance to kill Three-point-oh, to let her anger go, and she didn't take it. That was her chance and she refused it. If she couldn't do it then, she won't do it now" Cerulean spat.
    My fighting stopped and I stared at him.
    He was right. I wasn't going to kill them. I wanted to, oh how I wanted to see them suffer, but I couldn't do it. I would never be able to live with myself if someone else's blood was on my hands; I wasn't strong enough to cope with that.
    A final tear fell down my cheek and I lowered my head. He grinned and waved me away.
    "Get her out of my sight" Cerulean hissed and I allowed Derek to tow me away from him and away from his office. I might not kill him now but he could be sure that I was going to kill him next time.
    That I could promise.



I was still awake after what felt like hours but the image of Cerulean's smirk and the thought of my mother being told I was dead haunted me to stay wide awake.
    Derek had told me to stay in my room and calm down before I saw the others. He didn't want anyone else getting hurt because of me and, truthfully, I was scared that if I got too out of control I would do something I regretted, so I stayed in my room.
    Tossing and turning, I flopped face first into the pillow and screamed into it.
    Why did I have to have a conscious? I could've been like 3.0; not caring what anyone thought and just doing what the hell I liked. But then I'd been on my own and that wouldn't be much fun. But then if I was like 3.0 I would've killed Cerulean and we would be out by now.
    Standing up, I walked over to the door and poked me head through. I shook my head and went back over to the bed. Putting my head on the soft material, I let the tears I'd been holding in for a while pour down my cheeks in hot streams. After a while, I lifted my head and checked the time.
    Ten o'clock. I'd been crying for a while; I probably looked a mess.
    I dragged myself onto my feet and checked my reflection in the mirror. But when I caught sight of myself I almost started crying again.
    Gone was the black-haired unfazed girl who didn't care what people thought and left was this small feeble girl with red-rimmed eyes and whose bottom lip wouldn't stop quivering. I was crying at everything now and I had probably let more tears leave me while in Nova than my entire life. My reflection soon started blurring and I had to turn my attention to something else to stop the oncoming water works.
    I pulled off the jumpsuit, throwing it into the corner. I tugged on the plain bed clothes and grabbed the blanket off the bed.
    I wasn't planning on sleeping; there was far too much on my mind for that. I draped the blanket across my shoulders and made my way towards the Subjects room. I knew the one thing that would take my mind off everything.
    When I pushed the chipped door open I went straight for the cabinet next to the leather sofa and pulled the doors open trembling fingers. I searched through them quickly until I found it. With a burst of joy I hadn't felt in a while, I pulled it out and turned the TV on. Knowing what to do, I turned the PlayStation 3 on as well.
    "What are you doing?" Sebastian asked, flopping onto the sofa.
    "I'm watching a DVD" I said, putting the disk in and pressing play. Sitting down, I looked over at Sebastian and, if he was going to say something, the words disappeared when he saw the look on my face.
    "I guess I'm watching with you," He smiled. "What DVD?"
    "Howl's Moving Castle," I smiled guiltily and watched as the confusion spread across his face. "It's my favourite movie," I grabbed the remote control and settled into the sofa. "You don't have to watch it with me if you don't want to"
    He shrugged. "It'll be an experience. Besides, you look like you could do with the company" I smiled my thanks and drew up my knees.
    "I must warn you, it's quite soppy"
    "I'll live" He smiled.

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