I Need You . . .

Young 14 year Aubrey and her father starts a new life. She moves to Chicago leaving her best friend and all memories at New York. It gets harder for her when she meets a girl, Lora. Does Lora get jealous of Aubrey; for dating her now boyfriend, Jay. Will Lora try to break them up?


7. Wow..

~`Aubrey's POV'~ 

School went by fast. Really enjoy, but I really enjoy talking to Jay. We exchange numbers so we can talk later. I really like him and I couldn't believe he likes a girl like me. Beep! I got a message; must be Jay.

 Jay; Hey beautiful(:

As I read the text message, I was blushing. I stared at it for a long time. 

Me; Heyy c: 

Jay;What are you doing? :) 

Me; Nothing much, you? c;

Jay; Same, do you want to go to the park or something? To show you around, since you new here. (: 

Me; Sure, I'll love to. C: 

He's taking me out, like a date, sort of. Going with a cute guy. Couldn't believe it. But Lora seems to like him a lot. Can't do that to her. It's okay, though. Jay and I are going as friends. Just Friends. 


I got put some blue jeans, with a cute short, and some Jordans. It's nice out since it's almost the end of the school. I run down stairs and bump into my dad. 

"Where you going?"

"Um..to the park. With a friend." 

"Mhmm, okay but safe But I want you home by 7. Okay?"

"Okay dad, bye!" I kissed him on the cheek and ran out the door. Couldn't believe he let me go. Since mom die, he was very protective. I love him for that. 

Jay; Meet me at Raining Park

Me; Okay c: 

The park was a block away from my house. So I was all good. I saw him by the swing sets so I ran to him. 

"Hey", he smiled. Gosh his smile was gorgeous. 

"Hi", I smiled back. 

"Can I get a hug?" he smiled, cheeky. 

"Sure", I smiled back. I reach to hug him. He hugged me back, tighter. Hugged me closer. Like he never want to let me go. Like he needed me. He's hugs were amazing. 

"Soo..where do we start". I said, breaking the hug apart. 

"Wanna walk are around here?" 

"Sure" I smiled. I couldn't believe I was with him. 

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