I Need You . . .

Young 14 year Aubrey and her father starts a new life. She moves to Chicago leaving her best friend and all memories at New York. It gets harder for her when she meets a girl, Lora. Does Lora get jealous of Aubrey; for dating her now boyfriend, Jay. Will Lora try to break them up?


10. Problems .

The weekend pass fast...like always. I wasn't too happy to go to school. What if she there...she will spy on me. I got a text. From who?

:Unknown: remember, stay away from him ;) 

Great, she is real on my case. I got up went to the bathroom, brushed my teeth. Got out of the bathroom and on some cute jeans with converse and a really cute blouse. I curled my hair ,like always, and put on some eyeliner & mascara. I ran down stairs to eat breast-fest. But My dad was there. Where he went? I found a note one the kitchen table. 


I had to go to work early so I left. The is cereal or waffles if you want to eat..Oh, good morning hun. (: 


I love my dad for that, makes me feel like I'm the only girl in the world. Basically I love him for that. 

I walked out of the house since I wasn't hungry. Lucky it was nice outside and and the school is only two blocks away. My phone ring, but please tell me it's not her. 

:Him(;<3': Heyy boo ;) 

I blushed, like always. Giving me those cute texts. I like that, I had a huge smile on my face, happy that he thought about me, that he cares about me. I love that, a lot .

:Me: Hey cx

:Him(;<3': Are you coming to school today? ;o 

:Me: Yeah,. Why??

:Him(;<3': Just wanted to know if you kept our promise. :) 

:Me: Don't worry, I'll never break a promise,..Promise you that c; 

:Him(;<3': Meet me in the front of the school, Kay??

:Me: Kay :)

Damn, forgot about her. I can't see him or talk to him or anything like that...I need to tell him but how? Drama; What I need..


I arrive in front of the school,he had on a snap back, some Jordans,  dark blue jeans, and a shirt that says' Swagg' . He turn around and ran to him to hug me. I didn't hug him back. What if she saw me with him?

~Jay's POV~ 


She didn't hug me back, why? Something must of happen. Was it me? It really bother me. 

"What's wrong, hun?" I looked down to her, She was short, Fun size girl. She looked up, worried, something is bothering her. Or someone. But who?

"Nothing", she said, with a fake smile. I need to know, but how?

"Are you sure, you know if something is bothering you , I can handle it for you, ", I smiled, still looking at her. 

"Mhmm" she said, she started to walk faster, I try to catch up to her. I stopped her. I pulled her chin up so she can see me. She looks hurt. 

"Are you sure!?" I said almost yelling. 

"Yeah, I'm fine.." She said, smacking my hand away from her face. 

I stood there. Like really? I need to know. She seems to be bother. I need to know. 


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