I Need You . . .

Young 14 year Aubrey and her father starts a new life. She moves to Chicago leaving her best friend and all memories at New York. It gets harder for her when she meets a girl, Lora. Does Lora get jealous of Aubrey; for dating her now boyfriend, Jay. Will Lora try to break them up?


14. Perfect Date.

~Jay's POV~

I knocked on her door; I hear someone coming down the stairs. My stomach dropped each step, making it's way down. I could image her coming slowly. The door opened. I saw the most beautiful girl in the world. Her cute lace dress that is above her knees, her curled hair to a side. Beautiful...just beautiful. 

"Hey" I said, amazed my her beauty. To be honest, my jaw dropped when she opened the door.

"Hey" She said; with her gourous smile, like she always have. 

"Um..uh..you..look so beautiful." I told her, nervously. 

"Thank you" she said, looking down, for me not seeing her blush. "You're not bad yourself." She looked up, winking at me. 

"Thanks, and your welcome." I smiled. "Ready?" I said. 

"Where are we going?"

"Some where fancy" I smiled at her.

"Cool; but we need a ride don't we?" She said.

"Yeah, um..about that...my older brother is taking us, I hope you don't mind. " I said to her. My older brother, Alex, an year older than me, is taking us. He flirts too much with girls but that's how I got it from him. But I stopped I guess; Aubrey changed me, but I like it. I hope Alex doesn't flirt with her. I

"It's okay." She smiled. My brother was waiting in the front of her house. She locked the door and took my hand to the car. I opened the door as she went in the car. I went in right after her and I shut the door. I looked up, seeing Alex talking to her; lucky she was shy to talk. 

"Back off Alex" I said. 

"Aww; Don't be mad that I got more swag than you." He claims.

"Shut up and drive." I said.

"Anyways; your date is hot." He said, as he started driving.  "What your name hun?" 

"I'm Aubrey" She smiled, then grab my hand. What was she trying to say? 

~Aubrey's POV~ 

I grabbed his hand; just to let him know hat he the only one I see; the only guy I like. The only one I have; in my heart. I don't want to loose him. I want him went next to me through every little thing. I would do anything just to be with him. I like him; like nothing before. He's something I want to be with; spend time with all me life. I need him; I need him in all my life. Just him; only him. 

The car ride wasn't that long; or it was just me think so much I forgot time. Maybe; but that won't stop me from thinking about him. It was hard to look at the restaurant from the window; but as soon as I got out of the car; it was like a fairly tale; I was the princess; Jay is my prince; we are going to a fancy place; So beautiful. We got out the car and Jay's brother rolled down the window. 

"Don't have too much fun; kids" He said, laughing. 

"Shut up" Jay said, Jay's brother left; stilling laughing; for what?  Anyways, we went inside the place; everything was beautiful ;and I can tell; this will be a perfect date. Jay walked to the front desk and talk to the person. I stand there; Just staring the beauty of this place. So one tap one my shoulder. I turned to see; a young handsome man. 

"I'm sorry to bug you, but I couldn't stand your beauty. Are you all alone?" the young man said.

"She is with me" Jay said, grabbing my hand. Jay gave him a dirty looked and took my hand to our table. To be honest, I find it cute when he gets mad. We sat by a window; with a great view; the waiter gave us the menu; leaving us two alone. There was silents between us, until he said something. 

"You know; you look beautiful" He said. I looked down, blushing for him not to see me. 

"When are you going to keep telling me that" I said; laughing. He started to laugh and finally said, 

"Until the day we die." He smiled, taking my hand over the table. I blushed so hard. He smiled then looked down the menu; still holding my hand. The waiter finally came and let go our hands. We got our orders and drinks so we just talked. Like two love birds. Our food finally arrived and we ate; talked and ate. I perfect date as I can image. I know this day won't go wrong. I just know. A perfect date it is.  

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