I Need You . . .

Young 14 year Aubrey and her father starts a new life. She moves to Chicago leaving her best friend and all memories at New York. It gets harder for her when she meets a girl, Lora. Does Lora get jealous of Aubrey; for dating her now boyfriend, Jay. Will Lora try to break them up?


2. Our Goodbyes.

We finally got here...

We stopped in front of Abigail's house with the big moving truck. I was embarrassed with the big truck in front of her house. But that didn't matter now. I wanted to see her. 

I got out the truck and ran to Abi's house. Someone opened the door. It was her. She was a short girl with beautiful curls. To be honest, she was beautiful. Perfect.


"ABI!", I hugged her. She already knew I was moving but she didn't know when. 

"Your leaving!?"

"Yeah...", I said, close to tears. 

"Awwe, don't cry. You going to make me cry." She said. 

We let go our hugs and looked at each other. We started laughing.

"I going to miss you"

"Me too! Promise your going to text me EVERYDAY!",she smiled.

"Promise", smiled back.


"I have to go." I said.

"Good luck. Be strong for me. Kay?",she said, smiling. 

"Bye.",I hugged her.


I ran to the truck, turned back around to see her one last time.. I was truly going to miss her. 


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