I Need You . . .

Young 14 year Aubrey and her father starts a new life. She moves to Chicago leaving her best friend and all memories at New York. It gets harder for her when she meets a girl, Lora. Does Lora get jealous of Aubrey; for dating her now boyfriend, Jay. Will Lora try to break them up?


17. Meet Perla ?

I saw how my dad was grabbing her; hugging her; it was disgusting to me to see. My month just dropped. Why was he seeing someone else? She was a tall, blonde, young woman. She had pearl blue eyes that shine from the sun. To be honest; she was very pretty. I guess her name was Perla...from her pearl eyes. Her beautiful blonde, wavy hair past down her shoulders. But why is my dad, going out for a blonde. Not trying to mean. But my mom was Mexican-American, same with my dad . I thought he will go more for a brown hair girl with brown eyes. My mom was the same. She reminded of my mom, but she doesn't have blue eyes or blonde her. I was in deep thought; until my dad said:

"Honey, meet Perla. Perla meet my beautiful daughter, Aubrey" He said, smiling. I was still in shock..

"I'm Perla, nice to meet you Aubrey" She smiling, she had a huge smile, she went up to me and took out her hand. I shake her hand, smiling back. 

"I'm Aubrey" I smiled when I broke off the shake. I didn't like this. At all...but I remembered; that little talk we had, how he wanted to know I was okay for him to see other women. That was...2 weeks ago!? They seem to be together for a while; how the been holding each. How they are laughing at my dad's lamest jokes. I have to give her a chance...someway and somehow. I snap back to reality. 

"How you guys know each other?" I said. 

"Well we work with each other" she smiled, looking at my dad. My dad smiled back. 

"Oh" I said. "I'll be back" I said. I went to my room. I checked the time. 2:30 already? Time fly fast...I got text...I guess from my stalker..

:Unknown: You already c; 

:Me: I got you boo c: <3 Lots of love ;D 

:Unknown: Smh..keep playing games -.-' 

:Me: What game!? ;) You started this game over a boy that you will never get...so I might as well win the game for you c; 

:Unknown: We will see tomorrow... 

:Me:Kay! <3 c; 

Haha! I can't wait tomorrow. I want to see her so bad. I love messing with my haters. I know I wasn't confide about it in the first place..but Jay changed it some how. Jay..? I forgot to text him. 

:Him(;<3: Kay love <3 I can't wait. c: 

:Me: Me too boo c; <3 xoxo 

Ahh; I can't stop think about him..I forgot dad and her...I ran downstairs. They were still up each. Ugh...they finally stopped when they saw me. 

"Um...uh...there will a carnival near this neighborhood. Want to go?" My dad said, smiling. 

"Can I bring someone?" I said, I was thinking to bring Jay. "Like a double date?" I smiled. My dad doesn't really mind if a date guys, but he want to know them for him to be okay with it. I was afraid for him to no; he finally said:

"Sure" I smiled I was so happy. 

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