I Need You . . .

Young 14 year Aubrey and her father starts a new life. She moves to Chicago leaving her best friend and all memories at New York. It gets harder for her when she meets a girl, Lora. Does Lora get jealous of Aubrey; for dating her now boyfriend, Jay. Will Lora try to break them up?


13. Hot Date to Go to.

It was Saturday; today he will take me out..,On a date.

I didn't heard my dad come home; but where could he be? I'm going to try to text him...

:Me: Where are you? You haven't come home yet, I'm worried /.\' 

:Daddy<3: Don't worry I'll be home on Sunday. I had a little business trip to go, it's out of town. I hope your okay by yourself. 

:Me: I'm fine, but please don't scare me like that /.\,'

:Daddy<3: My credit card is room, under the TV. Please use it wisely. 

:Me: I will ! Love you c: .<3

:Daddy<3: Love you, too. :) 

I checked the time it was only 9 a.m. I ran downstairs to eat something. An hour later I went up stairs to take a quick shower to get ready to the mall. I got a text, from whom?

:AbiGURLL;): Heyy! 

:Me: Oh my god; heyyy! c: I miss you D; </3

:AbiGURLL;): Me too ! ;c </3 

:Me: When are coming to visit me? ;o <3

:AbiGURLL;): As soon as school is over ! Don't worry baby girl c; I got you !

:Me: Yay ! Lmfaoo.! Really!? :D <3

:AbiGURLL;): Lol.! Yepp<3 For a month I'm going to spend time with you ^___^ <3 

:Me: Can't wait ! :D I have to go; gotta a hot date to go to c;

:AbiGURLL;): Date!? ;o You have to tell me about C: 

:Me: I will don't worry ^-^. I can Skype you at 4? 

:AbiGURLL;): Yeah ! I'm going to let you go c: Bye<3' Don't have too much fun ^____^

:Me: Don't worry I won't c; Bye:)

It was already 11? Wow; so much talking with Abi so fast. But it was worth it, even if it was her. Since my hair was dry, I decided to have it straight. I put on my favorite color; purple; blouse, and with dark jeans and purple Jordan's. I went to my dad's room to get his credit card, I was ready to go shopping. 

~At the Mall~

The mall was 7 blocks from here so I decided to walk it. The first store I walked in was DEB. I like the clothes there, they describe who I am. I walked in and saw what I wanted; a pink lace dress with a white belt. It was cute. I went on to go and try it,perfect. I ran out the dressing room to go to the big mirror and I saw it. It was cute; not too tight, just perfect. 

" You look so pretty." A random nice lady said. 

"Thank you" I smiled

I'm going to take this one. I went to go buy white flats with a pink  flower, three white brace-laces, white ear rings, white flower for my hair, and white neck-lace with a light pink flower. Thought it was cute for a date. 

~At home~

It was about to be four; so I decided to Skype Abigail. 

"HEY!" I yelled through the screen. 

"HEY!" She said; with her brightest smile, like she always have.   "What are you going to wear for your date? Who is he? Is he cute?" She kept asking question that I didn't understand...but that's her.

"He is Jay. He is going to pick me up at 6, and yes; he is very cute." I smiled through the screen.

"Tell me how he looks!"

"He has brown hair, green eyes-"

"Damn he sounds cute", she cute me off.

"Right!? But I need to tell you if this dress looks cute" I said. I went to the bathroom to try I the dress. I ran back out and went to my laptop. I saw her eyes lit up; I can tell she likes it.

"IT'S SO PRETTY!" She yelled.

"Right!?" I said; spinning around for her to see it. 

"You look so pretty! Like always!." she said.

"Thank you!" I said. I looked at the time, almost 5? Time fly fast. "I have to go. It's about to be five over here." I said

"Okay; I'll let you go, be safe Aubrey! Don't have too much fun"she laughed.

"I won't baby girl" I smiled at her.

"Send me a picture when you finish getting dress and tell what happen, kay!?" She said. 

"Kay; bye!" I blow her a kiss. She blow me one back. 

"Bye" She said.

I closed me laptop and started to get ready. I curled my hair and put my hair to a side and place the flower I got on my hair. The I put on my white earrings and brace-laces. I finally put on my neck-lace. I went to the wall mirror. I loved how I looked. It was so pretty. I put on so eye-liner, maskscara, a bit eye shadow.  I looked at the time; 5:57 pm ...On time. 

I send Abigail the picture of me. She called me saying so liked it and that I look beautiful for the date. The door bell ring. It must by him. Ready for my hot date. 

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