I Need You . . .

Young 14 year Aubrey and her father starts a new life. She moves to Chicago leaving her best friend and all memories at New York. It gets harder for her when she meets a girl, Lora. Does Lora get jealous of Aubrey; for dating her now boyfriend, Jay. Will Lora try to break them up?


20. Finally.

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        Why would she she even do that to me? I thought she was my friend. I guess I finally experience how high school drama is. Wow; under 2 months. drama already. She hates me cause I'm dating Jay? She needs to grow up. I was just standing there. In shock. Like wow. Really? Lora is just a fake!

"You're such a fucking fake, Lora!" I yelled in angry. I was so pissed off.. 

"Hey; it's your fault for being friends with me. You should watch who you trust next time" She smirked. This got me more angry. I took a step closer to her but Jay stopped me. 

"She's not worth it Aubrey" Jay said, trying to calm me down.

"That's not what you said last night" she smirked again.  I got really mad. I wanted to punch her in the face so bad. Jay kept holding me.

"Look Lora ! I don't like your stupid ugly ass! I like Aubrey! Got a problem!? Fucking deal with it!", Jay said. He was really mad by the comment she made.

"What the fuck I ever did to you anyways?" I said, still angry. 

"You're dating someone who I like, slow ass. Isn't it obvious? Good thing Jay is blind to be dating a retard." She smirked.

"You seem to love plays games huh? I shouldn't seen it..how fuck bitches, like you, love bullshit." I looked my eyes and smiled at her. "I must be stupid for trust a bitch." I admitted; I was stupid. It's a lesson I've now know not to use again. It's funny how fake people can be like that. She just stands there looking at her phone.

"Wow what a bitch" I said, cross my arms 

"Wow, what a slut" She smirked at me.

"She not a fucking slut; stupid bitch." She looked at him, scared." You're always thirsty for my dick huh? Well hop off. You need to get off cause it's only for one person. And it's not for your ugly ass." I was in shock by the words he said to her. She stood there; almost in tears. I smiled so hard; she really need that comment to show who is boss. 

"I guess we're done here right?" I told her, smiling at her. 

"I'm still getting you back" She said; walking a way. Oooo; I so hate her right now. I can't believe I trust her. Haha; she thought was going to beat my ass. Well no bitch. Haha; I was happy she didn't do anything else because there will be big problem.


              I'm happy I'm with Jay and I'm happy I'm know who she is. Now I can stop worrying about her. The whole way; I was just happy. I'm glad I saw the real her. Jay, Eric, Julian and I went to chill at my house. My dad went out with Perla to get something? I don't but it didn't bother me. They seem a perfect couple  Anyways; I went inside my house to make lemonade for the boys and I. This is why I like hanging with boys; less drama for me. I went out with a tray full of four glasses of lemonade . I gave each one a glass and got my self one. They all said 'Thank You' and took a sip of the lemonade . They seem to like it and we started to talk about the school is trying to have us wear uniforms. We didn't like it so we had a plan. Then we started to talk about our lives and how we've going through. We talked for 2 hours. It was worth it. These guys are awesome and cool to be with. Julian and Eric are twins so the both went home; only 6 blocks away from my house. It was just Jay and I. He wanted to spend time with me a bit longer before he leaves. 

"I think it's you when you get mad." He smiled at me. We had a little cute argument about how we think what was cute about us. 

I smiled at him "No . I think you we're cuter when you were cursing her out." I put my hands over he's shoulders. He slowly slide his hands around my waist; bringing me closer to him. 

"Well I think it's cute when your trying to be cute" He did the most beautiful smile I ever saw. I couldn't take. I kissed him on the lips; hard. We didn't let go of each other. We end up making out. Which is something I very like. We stopped until we started laughing . We kept laughing like for 2 minutes. 

"I think it's cute when we kiss." I slide my hands around his waist. He hugged me and we told there. He kissed and head and let go of me. 

"It's getting late; I have to go." He said. I peaked him on his lips and hugged him. He left with a kiss on my head. I went inside to text my dad to check if everything is okay. 

:Me: Hey; when are you coming home? I'm a bit hungry /.\'

:Daddy<3: We are coming with pizza. Sorry if we took forever. 

:Me: It's okay (: 

I heard the door knob shaking; knowing it's my dad. I opened the door, seeing my dad struggling with carrying the pizza and the shopping bags. I guess they went shopping...

"Need help?" I laughed a little. 

"No, I got it",he smile. Then he tripped over a couple bags that Perla had place. I laughed louder and took the pizza from him and place it at the kitchen table. I grabbed some plates and napkins then place them next to the pizza. I took out the lemonade out that I made early and took out three cups, place the at the table. I turned around and got a surprised hug from my dad, knowing that he missed me today. I hugged back and him placing a kiss on my forehead. We went and sat down to eat. Perla just came out the bathroom, looking nice today. She had her naturally curly hair out with a cute blue flower that match with her eyes. She wore lace black dress that is knee high with a small blue belt that match with her flower. She had black heal-toe shoes that show off her blue nail polish. She looked nice like always. Lets say he did very good for a picking  the perfect girl. 


~Author's note!!;~

     Sorry if there is cursing in this story ._.  Sorry if it was short >_<' But I have to make this story to an end...well I'll try cause there are still so much to write. I don't have any access to any computer at all. That's why it will end pretty soon. School is almost over so this is why it's ending. But don't worry. There will be a squeal ^-^' I need help with a the title so comment please (:   . But the squeal will come next school year ^-^. If not then I'll tell you guys. Don't worry. c: Chapter 25 might be the last chapter of this story. But I'll keep updating. By guys ! xoxox


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