The Last Love

Luna, caught in a school shooting, has hopes of finding her last love, Sam. Age 14 she is set to find him, and also try to live.


3. The Tears Fell

I don't get it. How could this happen so fast? I ran into the bathroom hoping he had moved on. This gave me time to think, about life. I thought about how I honestly had no one except my dying friend Caroline, and I had Sam. Sam, the boy I have loved since sixth grade, it's been three years and nothing changed. I haven't moved on or even thought about another boy, he is the one. He's my only love right now. There's no one else, except my dead mother and my abusive dad. I'm scared there will never be after today. I know I'm only 15, but he's all I have.

'I have to find him', I thought. I forgot all about the killer in the school and ran out into the hallway.
What class would he be in. We have most classes together, and the time was 12:24, we were about to go to lunch, he is in science. I stumbled to science still in shock. There were bodies, everywhere I looked. I prayed he would be alive, waiting for me. Caroline always thought he liked me too. I didn't have time to cry at all the children, it was to late now they were gone. I only just realized that there was a little girl here that I knew. When we were younger I used to go to her house, because her mom knew that my dad abused me. My dad went to rehab for her drug use and I would stay at this girls house. She was my best friend for a while, my sister almost. I couldn't hold back the tears anymore. I looked at her lifeless body on the ground. I bent down and looked at her, kissing her on the cheek. She was so innocent, she would never find her first love. I promised myself if I found someone alive I would help them.
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