The Last Love

Luna, caught in a school shooting, has hopes of finding her last love, Sam. Age 14 she is set to find him, and also try to live.


1. Prologue

The Last Love


I thought it was going to be an average day, except for a quiz in Math, and a test in Social Studies that I was not looking forward to. I walked down the old hallway and looked at the walls covered in bright paint spelling Brighton Middle School, and a mural of lots of kids reading, writing, they looked so happy. In reality, I fail almost everything, and am depressed. I pushed that out of my mind, I really needed to study. I speed walked down into the library. The warmth welcomed me in, saying "here I am to comfort you!". I looked around. This is going to be hard, I thought. I hope my love of books doesn't interfere. My eyes searched the stacks of books for my favorite, Walk Two Moons. I ignored it and cracked open my ratty Social Studies binder. Ugh the Shang Dynasty, I hate the word dynasty. It sounds like its saying 'Die, nasty' which I have heard to many times. I quickly realized, there was no one in the library. That's when I heard it.
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