The Last Love

Luna, caught in a school shooting, has hopes of finding her last love, Sam. Age 14 she is set to find him, and also try to live.


6. Ouch.

                I followed him tiptoeing into the teachers lounge, no dead bodies here I guess. No one was in here. I looked around and I saw through the outside window a bunch of police deciding what do. They couldn't just come in, or he would kill someone, or everyone I guess, before he got in. The building was in lock down but I could see through the crack in the blinds. I sighed and quickly covered my mouth remembering there could be no noises. I locked the door. 

              "What are we going to do?" I whispered to Sam. He looked at me weirdly.

              "What do you mean 'what are wee going to do'". He said seeming a little angry. "We are going to wait in here, where its safe". I looked at him. I always thought he was the hero type. The big strong nice guy who ends up saving everyone. I guess he was more of the tough guy on the outside and scared boy on the inside.

           "So we're just going to wait here while children get killed?!?" I said, my voice getting a bit louder. I couldn't believe this was happening. I needed to calm done, he's all I have right now. "Ok. I understand" I said tiredly. I sighed again and looked at my converse. The rim on the bottom was tinted red with blood. I winced. Children's blood was on the bottom of my sneakers. Innocent children. But I couldn't do anything about it. I'm only 15. Or could I....


I unlocked the door and opened it a bit, taking a peek outside. There was the front door. Locked. I could... Unlock it. I could easily get out actually... But I would feel guilty, either way. If I didn't tell Sam my idea or if I simply left the building. It was almost to easy. All of a sudden I heard footsteps. But it was too late. The gunman had stuck his foot in front of the door before I could close it. I grabbed a pot that was next to me and smashed it on his head, crying. I turned around to see Sam scared out of his mind and angry. Very angry. This was my chance. The gunman had fallen on the ground, grasping his head. The blood pouring out. I stood in shock for a moment, not sure what to do. Grab his gun? Shoot him? Open the door? Escape? Call the police inside? This could all be over. All too soon he got up and pulled his gun around his shoulder. I went back inside the teachers lounge and locked the door. He shot his gun, the bullets going through the door. Hitting a coffee mug, then a cabinet, then... Sam. 




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