The Last Love

Luna, caught in a school shooting, has hopes of finding her last love, Sam. Age 14 she is set to find him, and also try to live.


4. It Never Ends

So he wasn't in the science room, maybe he was in the boys bathroom, at this time I doubted anyone would care if I went in there. The killer had already been here too. I didn't find Sams body so he is either alive or dead somewhere in this school. I reminded self there was still a killer out there, and I was still alive, so he might be able to kill me and I should be more careful wandering he hallways. I heard someone screaming and gunshots coming from a seventh grade room, then I heard footsteps leaving the room and the screaming never stopped. I went in and checked if the killer was there, then went to see the seventh grade girl lying on the floor, I kneeled down and held her body in my arms, comforting her.
"It all be okay, it will all be over soon" I told her, "just close your eyes". She stopped crying and looked at me, the last thing she saw before she arrived in heaven.
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