The Last Love

Luna, caught in a school shooting, has hopes of finding her last love, Sam. Age 14 she is set to find him, and also try to live.


5. Found

I closed my eyes, 'this can't be happening, this is all a dream' I told myself. I pinched myself but nothing happened. I wanted to go home, but who would I go to. My mother is dead, and I'm pretty sure my abusive father wouldn't care. I saw a shadow pass along the corner of the hallway. I held my breath. Wait, it was Sam. "Sam" I whispered. He saw me and crawled to me.
"Luna?" He whispered back "you're okay". I hugged him and a tear started to fall, but he caught it for me.
"Don't cry" he told me "don't make a noise, talk to me when we get out of here". I looked at him.
"What makes you think we're going to live through this?" I asked.
"I'm not going to give up" I looked at him and sighed. Life isn't that simple. I stopped hugging him and got up.

"We need to go" I took a quick look around. I didn't see anything. He got up and we walked silently to a room that's near the main entrance. He'd already been here so it was safe.
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