We´re so London, our own style

Three best friends Ellie,Olivia and Hannah moved to London after graduating high school to experience London life. The story begins when one of the girls meet 1/5 of this group of boys



*One week later*

                Everything is so great. I’ve been seeing Zayn almost every day. Hannah and Harry hadn’t left the apartment at least for two days and Olivia hadn’t come back home from Nail’s since Friday. It’s Sunday evening and I’m packing my stuff for school. When I leave my room I find Harry and Hann on the sofa. They’re in the middle of their make out session. I walk past them to the kitchen unnoticed, but when I open the fridge to have some juice my phone start ringing. “Shit” I hear Hann from the living room. “Hey baby what are you doing?” it’s Zayn. “Just about to have some juice. Can you come over?” Oh I know he left this afternoon, but I miss him already. “Yeah, I’m outside the apartment. Let me in.” I know he is smiling. I walk to the house phone and let my baby in. “Hey Ell.” He grabbed me around my waist and pulled me into passionate kiss.

                I wake up before my alarm goes off. I’m hot. Zayn is wrapped around me, resting his arm on my belly. I got used to this pretty easy. Him sleeping in my bed tangled with me. I try to move without waking him up but I fail. “Good morning Ellie.” Oh I love his sleepy voice. “Good morning baby” I turn my face and he kisses me. “Do you have to go to your classes today? I want to spend the day with you and then we can go out with lads after the show.” I stand up from bed. “I can’t Zayn. I’ve already ditched classes last week and this week we are signing up for exams.” I put on the first thing I find on the floor- Zayn’s T-shirt. I love wearing his clothes, they smell like him. “Can I at least pick you up?” he smiles at me. “Yes you can.” I smile and lean over bed to kiss him. He grabs my wrists and I fall on his naked chest. He starts to kiss my whole face and it makes mi giggle. “Zaayn stoop. I need to take a shower.” He stops immediately “I´ll come with you” he stood up from bed and grabbed my hand.

                After a long shower I changed and went to make some breakfast for whoever was in the house. “Good morning Ellie, Zayn” Hannah is already sitting on the chair sipping her coffee.  “Hey Han, where is Harry? Last time I checked he was all over you in….” I don’t have the chance to finish my sentence because Harry just walked out of the bathroom. “Good morning guys” he is just in his boxers. “Anybody home?” all of us turn our heads to the hall. Olivia with Niall walks into the kitchen hand in hand. “Oh hello stranger, we haven’t seen you in a while. Do you still live here?” said Hannah and I laugh. Olivia flushes “Yes I do! That was stupid question Hann!”

                As classes ended Zayn picked me up and we went home. When we got there Olivia was sitting in Nail’s lap and they were kissing. “Hey guys” Olivia jumped a little bit. “Oh hey Ell, Zayn, I didn’t notice you.” “Where is Hann and Harry?” I ask. “I don’t know. I haven’t seen her since the last lecture we had together.” Oh I guess she is with Harry. They’re like married couple. “Well since you are here do you want some lunch? I wanted to make some pasta.” I asked and walked to the kitchen. “Yes that would be great Ell” said Niall and I laughed.

                We are in my room having fun when there is a knock on the door. “Come in” I said after cooling a bit down. It’s Niall. “Hey bro we have to leave in 30 minutes. Ellie you are coming too right?” he looks at me. “Yes. I just have to put some other clothes on and I will be ready. Is Hannah home?” I ask like he was our roommate. “No, she is with Harry. She is coming to the show.” Oh okay. When Niall closed the door Zayn kissed me and pulled me closer. “Babe I have to change into something concert worthy” I giggled when he kissed the spot under my earlobe.

                It’s almost the end of the show and we are standing near the stage right next to some security guys. When the last song is over we walk to the backstage to wait for the boys. As soon as they were dressed we headed to some club. It was so crowded but we didn’t mind because we went straight to the VIP section. Liam ordered some drinks and the fun could begin. We went dancing and after what seemed like hours of dancing I took Zayn’s hand and went to our table. Harry and Hannah were there too, talking about something. “Guys do you want another drink?” Zayn asked and went to the bar.

                Zayn and I are standing in front of my apartment, kissing and trying to not to take our clothes off outside. When I find the keys we walk straight to my room and finished what we started on our way home. I wake up on some noise. It’s still dark outside but I think the sun is going to rise soon. Again I’m tangled in Zayn´s arms and legs. Another noise. I stand up from bed and look at Zayn to check if I woke him up. Uff I didn’t. I quietly open the door and walk to the hall where the noises are coming from. I switch the light on and to my surprise I see Hannah in Harry’s arms kissing the soul out of him. When they notice the light they turn to see me. “Oh Ellie sorry. Did we wake you up?” Hannah asked and Harry put her down. “Yeah I heard noise so I went to check. Good night” I turned on my heel and switched the light off.

                It’s sunny morning. I wake up and find Zayn watching me. “Good morning sleepy head.” He smiles and leans down to kiss me. “Good morning. What time is it?” I stretch out and smile. “Its 8 o’clock. And I know that your lecture won’t start until 10 so we have loads of time.” He smiles and leans over me to kiss me again. Oh I love his smile. I love his kisses. I’m so happy to have him. No. I love him. As I look up and look straight to his eyes I know it. Yes this is the time. This is the perfect time to tell Zayn how I feel. I’m going to tell him I love him.

                 “Zayn I have to tell you something.” He looked me in the eyes and waited for me to continue. “Zayn I…..”

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