We´re so London, our own style

Three best friends Ellie,Olivia and Hannah moved to London after graduating high school to experience London life. The story begins when one of the girls meet 1/5 of this group of boys




“Hey girls, come in! Jack it’s alright they’re with us”. Harry held the door and we walked in. Since we were in the quiet part of the club I stopped to introduce my friends. “Harry this is Olivia, and this is Hannah”. He smiled at them and shook their hands. “It’s nice to meet you girls, now come on the boys are waiting!” We went through the crowd to the V.I.P section. There were two other big bodyguards in the entrance. Okay, play it cool, it’s no big deal it’s just One Direction. “Lads this is the girl I was telling you about, Ellie, we met earlier at the gym. And these two lovely ladies are Olivia” he pointed at her “and Hannah.” He smiled at her.

Zayn was the first to introduce himself. “Hey I’m Zayn, it’s really nice to meet you!” he leaned to kiss us on cheeks. Wow he is so hot! Then Louis, Niall and Liam introduced themselves too. Harry ordered strawberry daiquiri for everyone. Umh yumm! “So girls what are you doing now, like in life?” Niall spoke up and his eyes run around us but stopped on Olivia. She noticed it so she started. “We go to university. We are studying Marketing and Public relations, some kind of mixture.” She laughed. I couldn’t help but notice that she and Niall had a thing, but there was something else. I felt like someone is watching me. I turned around and there he was. Zayn was burning a hole into me with his gaze.

 “Let’s do some dancing!” Harry shouted through the loud music. He helped Hannah stand up and led her to the dance floor. Liam and Louis were already there dancing with two girls. Their girlfriends, I assume. Then Olivia and Niall stood up and went to rock the dance floor. It was just Zayn and me. He got up from the sofa and offered me his hand. I took it and we went to the dance floor. There was so many people but somehow, they noticed it was One direction dancing next to them. We didn’t care and just dance. “This is awesome!” I shouted to Hann’s ear. She just smiled and continued dancing with Harry.

Suddenly I felt someone’s arm wrapping around my waist and twisting me around. I bumped into his chest. I looked up and it was Zayn. “We haven’t any chance to talk or something.” He said calmly into my ear. “I heard that you passed out in gym and that’s how Hazz met you”.  “Yes, that’s pretty much it” I laughed. It was nice dancing with him. I hate when I’m in club and some douche comes and starts dancing like I’m a pole or something. But with Zayn I didn’t mind. “You didn’t faint because you saw him, did you?” He grinned. What?! “No! Why would you think that?!” I was a little bit offended, but still I laughed. “Cause you know he is so handsome, cheeky, tall and he was working out…” I looked at him. He described him perfectly. “Should I hold you? Are you about to faint? You know, cause you described him so well.” I bursted into laughter. “Let’s go back to V.I.P. section so we can talk properly.” He took my hand and we walked through dancing people. I looked back to see if I could just leave my friends but I saw they were in good hands. Olivia was dancing with Niall, he had eyes only for her. And Hannah was with Harry, they were headed to the back door.

Zayn ordered us some drinks and sat next to me. “So Ellie, where did you move from?” The waitress put our drinks on the table and with flirty voice asked “Can I get you anything else?” Zayn didn’t even look at her “No thank you.” “Umh, we moved here from Brighton. Our parents weren’t happy about it but they got used to it.” I took a sip from my drink. It was stronger than daiquiri but it tasted good. Niall and Olivia came from the dance floor smiling, holding hands. “Hey what are you doing guys?” Niall asked. “Talking, drinking this delicious drink. You have to try it babe.” I handed it to Olivia and she tasted it. “Yumm that’s nice! Where are Hann and Harry by the way?” “I saw them going to the back door, but that was a while ago.” Niall went to the bar and Olivia followed him. I felt Zayn´s hand on my knee. “You are really beautiful. Would you like to have dinner with me sometimes?” Wow didn’t expect that! “Yes, sure!” I smiled at him and he kissed me on the cheek.

After hours spent talking with Zayn I checked my phone. It was 4 in the morning. Oh fuck we should go home, we are going to Brighton in like 5 hours. “I have to find Hann and Olivia we are going home in like 5 hours. I really enjoyed this night it was fun! Call me, you have my number.” I kissed him on cheek and went to find Olivia and Hann. Olivia was at the bar with Niall so I told her I would go find Hann and meet her outside. When I finally found Hannah she was leaning on the wall and Harry had his arms over her shoulders. Shit, it looks like I interrupted them. “Sorry guys but Hann we are leaving in 5 hours we should go. I´ll meet you outside the club. Harry thank you for having us here. See you soon!” I smiled at him and left.

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