We´re so London, our own style

Three best friends Ellie,Olivia and Hannah moved to London after graduating high school to experience London life. The story begins when one of the girls meet 1/5 of this group of boys



                 I was a little bit hangover from last night. Hannah was still sleeping and Olivia was at Niall´s. I don’t even know why I’m already awake. I’m used to sleep in after long night partying. Yesterday was great. I’ve never been to such a show. And meeting Eleanor made it only better. She is so gorgeous and funny. When we were at the club I was with Zayn all the time. I know this is going to sound sill but I think I’m falling for him. He is so kind and funny and hot.

                While almost falling asleep on the sofa with a cup of coffee in my hand I heard the front door open. I turned around and saw Olivia walking down the hall with black Ray Bans on. “Good morning Ell. How come you are up already?” she said while pouring herself coffee. “I don’t know myself” I laughed. “So how was at Niall´s?” I said with a grin on my face. “Don’t give me that “I know what happened last night” look. Nothing happened. He took me to his place because I overdid it with drinks a little bit.” She said and took a sip of her coffee.

                Since it was too late to go to college we decided to make a free day and went shopping. “You should try this dress on Hann. You will look great in it” I said and gave her the black dress with hearts on it. After shopping we went to our favourite restaurant to have some lunch. While waiting for our order to come Hannah was still on her phone. “Honey you should stop texting or your fingers will fall off.” I laughed. “Oh stop. Like you haven’t been texting Zayn the whole time we were shopping.” Hannah said. “So where were you two last night? I haven’t seen you since we came to the club.” I asked. “I was with Harry.” oh is she blushing? “We were dancing and stuff.” She looked down to the deserts menu just to avoid my look.

                In the evening Zayn called me if he can pick me up. We weren’t agreed on a date but why not. I put black skinny jeans and white top on, took my jacket and went downstairs. He drove me to his place. When we walked into his house he led me into the dining room. The table was set, there were candles everywhere and light music was playing. “Thank you for coming. I really wanted to be with you tonight.” He said while helping me to the seat. He leaned over me and kissed me. “Can I pour you a glass of wine?” he held the bottle in front of me. “Yes that would be nice” I smiled at him.

                When we finished the dinner we moved to the living room. “Are you up for some movies?” he sat and put our glasses on the table. “Yeah sure, why not.” That was biggest mistake I did that day. “I wanted to watch this movie for a long time, but I didn’t have the time to watch it” he said with a smile on his face. Then he pressed play and hugged me around my shoulders. The title said: The woman in black. Great. I’ve heard of this. Girls wanted to watch it with me but I hate horror movies.  “If you get scared just tell me.” He said and hugged me tighter. It wasn’t that bad- oh okay nope. That music was maybe scarier than that film. I jumped on my seat and Zayn looked at me and smiled. “Are you scared?” I nod and he kissed me. I absolutely forgot we were watching a movie. And apparently so did he. He lightly pushed me to lie down on the sofa. I tangled my fingers in his hair to held him closer. He turned to kiss my neck and my collarbones. After a while he stopped and stood up from sofa. He held his hand and I took it. He grabbed me in the air and I clutched my legs around his waist. I leaned down and started kissing him while he was walking to the bedroom. He put me on his bed and I kicked of the duvet. I started to unbutton my top and Zayn took his shirt off and unzipped his jeans.

                I was in my bra and jeans, on his bed. He leaned down and continued kissing me. He went lower and lower over my breasts, down through my stomach until he reached my jeans. He unbuttoned them and pulled them down. When I was only in my underwear he came back to my lips. His hand was on my back taking off my bra. Oh he is fast. I was almost naked when I pushed him on bed so I could be on top. I leaned down and started kissing his chest. He helped me to take his jeans off and pushed me back on the bed. Oh this is going to be good.

                I woke up first. I tried to move but I couldn’t. Zayn had his legs tangled with mine and he held me in a tight hug. I looked on the watch on the nightstand. Oh shit it was 8:30. Damned. I tried to untangle myself without waking him up but I failed. “Why are you up babe?” he said with sleepy voice. “I’m supposed to be at work in half an hour” I quickly found my underwear and the rest of my clothes. “I´ll drive you.” He started to get up but I stopped him “No, no. You don’t need to I´ll take a taxi it’s not that far away. Sleep.” I leaned on the bed and kissed him. He tried to pull me back to bed but I was faster. “I´ll call you later. Bye.” I smiled at him and left the house. 

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