We´re so London, our own style

Three best friends Ellie,Olivia and Hannah moved to London after graduating high school to experience London life. The story begins when one of the girls meet 1/5 of this group of boys



                 It was almost 7:45 and I was walking around kitchen and living room. Girls were laughing at me “Ell why are you so nervous? You’ve been to more dates than me and Hannah together.” I stopped for a second just to give them annoyed glance. I was wearing deep red dress, black leather jacket and heels. When I looked at my watch again it was 7:58. “Girls what if he is going to get bored when it’s just the two of us?” “Hun why would be he bored by you? The most amazing girl in London.” Right after these words the bell ringed and we knew who it was. I went to the speaker “I´ll be downstairs in a minute”, took my purse, keys and opened the door. “Have fun hun!” Olivia and Hannah shouted from living room.

                When I got outside the building there he was. Leaning on his black Bentley. “Hey.” I smiled at him and came closer. He pushed himself from the car and came to me. “You look stunning Ellie, as always.” He hugged me and gave me light kiss on my cheek. “So, are you ready?” He showed me his beautiful smile. “Yes! Where are we going?” Zayn opened the door for me and I got into the car. He put the engine on and said “It’s a surprise.”

                We stopped in front of 7 floor high building. It looked like a hotel or something. Zayn helped me out of the car. It was hard in those heels. He chuckled and took my hand. We walked into the building and went straight to the elevator. He hit the R button and waited when the door closes. His thumb was caressing my hand while holding it. When the door opened we were on the top of this building. It was something I’ve never seen before. There was small indoor space with one table and small bar. The rest of the roof was one big terrace. The floor was filled with candles and the handrail was decorated with little lights. “Wow. This is so beautiful Zayn!” I looked at his face and kissed him on the lips. “This room is saved for later. It’s not cold outside so I thought we would have dinner on the terrace.” He opened the glass door and I could see the table on the left. This place was so beautiful I was speechless.

                After sitting down he opened the champagne and poured it to the glasses. “To us. Let’s see what tonight will bring us.” Yum this is delicious. “So Ellie how was home?” he asked. “It was great to see my family. I missed them, my sister especially.” I put down my glass when the waiter came with food. “Good evening madam, sir.” “Thank you” we said at the same time. “Enjoy your meal” Uh it looks good. “I had fun today. At ELLE. Are your interviews and photoshoots like this all the time?” I chuckled. “No, today was the best interview we ever had. It’s because you were there. I would never expect you to be doing it with us.” He held my hand. We kept talking during the dinner. It was like I knew him for ages. I felt like I could tell him anything. Well maybe except one thing. Tom.

                When we finished dinner I was getting cold so we went inside. The music was playing and there were few drinks waiting for us on the bar. There was also a sofa next to the bar. We went to sit down. He hugged me and I kicked off my heels. “Now I’m going to be small” I laughed and suddenly he stood up. “Let’s dance, please.” I took his hand and we started dancing. My head was in the high of his shoulders. “I like it better this way. Now I can cuddle you into my chest” he told straight to my ear. I looked up to his eyes and he leaned down to kiss me. I like kissing him, he is passionate kisser.

                It was almost 2 AM when he drove me home. I was little bit in mood from all those drinks but he was alright. He went with me to the front door and said “I enjoyed every second of this evening. I haven’t had such a great time in ages. Can I see you tomorrow?” He put his arms around my waist to hold me closer. “Well I have school tomorrow but after that I’m free.” I smiled “Can I pick you up? We have concert in the evening and after we are going to some party. You could go to the gig with Olivia and Hannah. I know that Niall and Hazz would like to have them there.” He kissed me on the lips. Oh I can’t get enough of this!! “We finish school together so I think it could work. Let me call you tomorrow during lunch.” I hugged him and kissed him again. “I had fun tonight. It was beautiful up there. With you. Thank you for amazing evening.” I took my keys out of my purse and walked inside.

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