Too Broken

Based on a true story. Kat has been moved across the world from America to Austrailia. She's left behind the only love she's ever found, that broke her to pieces. And its not the first time either. Can she find love and be fixed? Or is she too broken?


15. The Date

Kats POV
    The morning of my date with Sam arrived and I was pretty excited, it would be good for me, I know. I woke up a few hours before the date and saw Mo on the bed across the room looking at her phone intently. I was surprised she wasn't out with Ethan like usual but I shook it off. I put on my blue jeans with a black tank top and a red letter mans  jacket over top. I put on my eyeliner and mascara and a bit of blush, my usual. I straightened my hair and added a bit of curl to the end. I smiled at myself in the mirror and checked the time. 5:57, Sam would be here to pick me up in 3 minutes.  I grabbed my purse and waited on the porch for him to come. He pulled up at exactly 6:00 and got out and went to my side to open the car door for me. I got in smiling at how cute his manners are and buckled up. We pulled out of my driveway and started driving.

"Sooo where are we going?" I asked noticing his focus was on the intersection so maybe I could get him to tell. "Nice try Kat." No such luck. "C'mon puhleeeeasee?" "Nope." I groaned and sat back in my seat eager to see where we'd go. Sam pulled over on the side of the road and I looked over at him questionably.  He got out and opened my door and put a blindfold over my eyes. "Just to make it more of a surprise." He said. I nodded and smiled to myself. I couldn't see anything though. I heard Sam get back in his side and start driving again. Soon enough we parked and I felt Sams hand on my arm guiding me through somewhere. I knew it was outside cause I felt the wind blowing in my hair but that's all. Sam sat me down on a blanket and slowly took off the blindfold. I looked around. It was beautiful a picnic set up in a private restaurant outside with little picnics set up for couples. There were still waiters but they were dressed up in Hawaiian shirts and brought drinks in coconut shells and such. It was so cute! We ate and talked for a while. I saw a look of concern brush over Sams face but it faded quickly as he took my hands in his. "Kat, I want to ask you something." "Ok Sam." I said kindly smiling waiting for his question. "Do you want to, you know, be my girlfriend?" I sat in shock. This soon? Did I want this? "I'll be right back." I said before quickly getting up and running to the brick restroom building. I wanted to be alone to think so I went into the janitors closet, but what I saw there surprised me.

Ethan's POV
    I woke up ready to put my plan into action. I was going to go to the park and sabotage Sam and Kats date secretly. I spent a while finding the right park but when I did find it I snook in to set up my plan. As I was about to put the tarp down I had a text message come in. It was from my boss asking where I was. Crap. I forgot I had work today. I gathered my stuff up and decided I would have to sabotage the next day when something moved out of the corner of my eye. I looked and there were five skunks staring at me. I froze. Mo told me that they cleared them out. I looked to the other side and there were more. They were surrounding me. I stood up slowly and started tiptoeing away. Then I bolted for the exit but there was one waiting for me. Crap. It was too late. 

Kats POV
    I turned on the light to the janitors closet and sat down on a bucket to think. I put my head in my hands wondering how I would turn him down. I didn't think I could say yes. I just wasn't ready yet. I was pulled out my thoughts though when I heard a deep voice speak "Kat?" I shot my head up. There stood Ethan in a black t shirt and black jeans. He smelled horrible, like skunk. It clicked in my head and I smirked. "Wanted to sabotage my date eh?" He looked down and grunted. "Why?" I asked "you have Mo." "But I don't want Mo, Kat!" "We'll what do you want then?" I said standing up. He looked at me confused. "Don't you see Kat? I want you! All I've ever wanted is you!" "No, Ethan, you're dating my sister, your choice, remember?" He groaned. "Kat it was an accident I-" I cut him off "I saw it Ethan. The banner and everything." "Kat-" "I may hate my sister but I'm not a tramp, I know you're dating her and I'm not taking a word from you for real while you are and I'm dating Sam!" I turned to leave when he grabbed my arm. I turned to tell him to let go but he grabbed my face in both of his hands and slammed his lips into mine. I wanted to pull away but I couldn't. I didn't seem to want to. Instead I kissed him back and hooked my arms around his neck. He licked my lip asking for entry and it hit me what I was doing. I stepped back creating space between us. He was smiling. "Now tell me you didn't feel something in that Kat. I know you did Kat I know it." I didn't did I? No I couldn't. I was dating Sam. Who was waiting on me. Who had just asked me to be his girlfriend. I opened the door and ran back to Sam and I's picnic area. "Kat-" "Yes." I stated. "What?" He asked. "I want to be your girlfriend, yes." He smiled big and gave me a hug. When we broke apart he kissed me and it was nice, but I couldn't help but compare it to the kiss I'd had minutes before. We we broke apart I saw Ethan sitting a few meters away looking at me upset. I tried to look away before Sam noticed but it was too late. "Ethan! What are you doing here?!?" "I WORK HERE!" He yelled back. I didn't notice till then that he had a Hawaiian shirt on like the rest. "Oh sure! I'm sure you're not jealous of my girlfriend choosing me over you!" Ethan tensed up at the word girlfriend. "No I'm not jealous, cause I know you're not right for each other! I know I am right for her!"  "And how could you know that, Ethan?" "BECAUSE I KISSED YOUR "GIRLFRIEND" JUST A FEW MINUTES AGO AND SHE SEEMED TO ENJOY IT A HELL OF A LOT MORE THAN SHE ENJOYED YOURS!" He screamed. I froze and saw Sam look down at me confused and hurt. Oh crap.


Oh snap! Hahaha stuff just got serious. Like comment and share and ill try and update ASAP! Love love love! MC

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