Too Broken

Based on a true story. Kat has been moved across the world from America to Austrailia. She's left behind the only love she's ever found, that broke her to pieces. And its not the first time either. Can she find love and be fixed? Or is she too broken?


4. The Beach

When we arrived at the beach I practically hated myself for letting this stranger into my life so easily. "Hey love?" He pulled me out of my thoughts. "Yes?" I answered. "I never got your name." Thoughts started darting through my head. Should I give him my name? Surely I can't say no. Surely I can't say yes. Then again, how can a name hurt. "Kat." I replied cautiously. "That's such a cool name! I'm Ethan." He told me and while looking out at the ocean. "Thanks." I almost whispered. Ethan. That's a cute name. Simple but sweet. I looked up at the sun setting. It was beautiful. The red and orange and yellows splashed across the evening sky. I was at a loss for words. "I really ought to get back." I said to Ethan, avoiding his eyes. "Aww no why?" I felt his gaze on me waiting for a reply. "I promised I'd be back in time for dinner. I really should go now." I said looking at the sand. Then I stood up and dusted the sand off of my legs. I began to walk away. "Wait!" Ethan yelled back at me. "What" I said quietly. I couldn't let myself get anymore attached to him. I couldn't allow myself to like him as anything more than a kind neighbor. "Can I walk you back home?" No. No that can't happen I can't let him. I looked up at him and opened my mouth to tell him that wouldn't be possible but I got lost staring into his eyes. They sparkled like nothing I'd ever seem before. There was so much emotion behind them. They had this kind and caring look behind them. One that said: Hey, I won't hurt you. "Yes." I gave in. Breaking the stare. I looked down at the ground. His eyes were mesmerizing. We walked next to each other the way home in silence. We stopped in front of my drive way. "Well I had fun getting to know you." He said. I nodded in agreement, afraid of saying too much. "I'm two houses down if you need me." He said to me. "Thanks" I said and looked up at him. His kind eyes stared right through me. I felt vulnerable. Like he could read me. Like he could see the fear of being hurt behind my eyes. He smiled at me and brushed my arm with his fingers as he turned away and left. My arm burned beneath his touch and I was left with sparks dancing across my arm as he left. I was left with a desire for more of his touch. No. I can't let this happen. I can't let myself get hurt again. I'm already broken.
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