Too Broken

Based on a true story. Kat has been moved across the world from America to Austrailia. She's left behind the only love she's ever found, that broke her to pieces. And its not the first time either. Can she find love and be fixed? Or is she too broken?


20. Secret hideout

Kats POV
   The ride home was filled with Ethan's chatting about his moms job, but it was silent in my mind, full of thought about Jordan. He hasn't aged at all since I saw him last, but then again that was not long ago, only a few months. His scent still seemed to have the same intoxicating affect on me, making his words hard to resist, but I had grown stronger than he knew since I left. I was determined not to let him do to me what he did before. We got to my house where I had invited Ethan to hang out with me for a bit. We walked inside and went into my room. As soon as I opened the door a sure awkwardness washed over us all. Crap. I had forgotten about Mo. She glared up at both of us before looking back down at her phone. Ethan and I looked at each other unsure of what to do. "Come with me." I whispered in his ear when I got an idea. I led him out of the house into the woods of our backyard. "Kat do you know where you're going?" "Of course." I muttered back smirking at his uncertainty. I had found this place when we first came here by accident. After a few minutes of walking we arrived. A small cottage before our eyes. "Kat this is amazing, is it legal though?" I led him to the front door where a sign was. It read 'you've found the cottage of hidden wonders. It's hidden well waiting for someone to find it. If you've found this, and no name remains on the door, it's yours. Mark the door with your name and feel free to remove this sign. It's yours. Welcome home' "I never dared to remove the sign, I tried once, but I wasn't strong enough." He yanked it from the ground with ease and smirked down at me. I rose an eyebrow. "Is there a name on the door?" He asked me. I smiled and led him over to the door. On the front sign there was a name engraved, the name read 'Kat's' "Only mine. I put it there." I smiled at him. He looked shocked yet happy. I decided to ask him next what I'd wanted to ask by bringing him here. "You want to make it ours?" "What do you mean Kat?" "I could add your name into the door. It could be our secret hideout, a place to get away from the world." He looked at me trying to decide before saying "That sounds amazing Kat." I smiled and took the pocket knife out of my pocket and handed it to him. Slowly he carves his name next to mine and stepped back to look at it. "Want to go inside?" I asked him smiling. He nodded his head. I opened the door and led him in. I heard him stop and I looked back to see his face full of shock. Yes, this place is very luxurious. It has a small television installed in the living area across from a couch and an ottoman. There's a large kitchen area down the hall with all of the cabinets stocked full with goodies. There's a game room with all sorts of games, 2 small bedrooms with large bathrooms for each and my favorite, the hidden room. "Follow me." I said excited to show him. I found the little log near what looks like a back wall and ran my hand down it till I found the little switch. I flicked it one, two, three times and the wall lifted up revealing a huge room with glass walls, the kind you can see out of but no one can see in, a big pool and then a few meters from the pool a grand piano and guitar. "Kat... This is amazing. How did you find this place." "Stormed off at my parents and I just came across it." I shrugged.  He smiled down at me"it's perfect." I nodded with agreement. "And only you and I know about it." He nodded and smiled at me. I checked the time on my phone and gasped. "Ethan we have to get back, it's almost dinner time!" I said. "Later we can come back and grab some of our things and set up our rooms to be more homey, sound good?" I asked him. "Fantastic." He replied. We left and I locked the door with the key I carry in my phone case. 



This chapter is dedicated to Emma-Kramer for being my best reader!  Thanks Emma! Also I'm already working on the next chapter! Any suggestions for what you want to see happen next? With Ethan? Sam? What about JORDAN? He's gonna pull some crazy shiz! Anywho like comment fave fan ect! Love love love!


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