Too Broken

Based on a true story. Kat has been moved across the world from America to Austrailia. She's left behind the only love she's ever found, that broke her to pieces. And its not the first time either. Can she find love and be fixed? Or is she too broken?


17. Right

I walked over to see Ethan sitting by the tree exactly where he was before I went to talk to Sam scrolling through his phone. "Hey." I said softly with a smile before sitting down beside him. "Kat, I really am sorry. I'm sorry for even starting it with Mo. I'm sorry for interfering with you and Sams relationship. I was so sure we had something, so sure the sparks were there. But I don't want to be with you if it doesn't make you happy. I want you to be happy and if Sam is what makes you happy then okay. Be with him then." "Ethan, were not together anymore." "You're not?" He said looking at me confused yet also excited. "No we just broke up, but were sill friends." He smiled "but why?" "Cause I felt it too Ethan. The sparks. This is what my heart wants right now and I say it's time for my heart to have a say for once." He smiled. "Let's do it then. Be my girlfriend Kat?" I smiled and nodded as he stood up and offered me his hand. We walked hand in hand through the park both smiling cause it just felt right.

    My thoughts wandered to how much my life has changed lately since I left America. It's funny how much life can change so fast. How much one person can go through, how much one person can change in such little time. Sometimes I wish I could trade my life now for how my life used to be. Easy, I had lots of friends, I had a boyfriend who I thought loved me and now even though I know it was fake whenever I think about it I do feel sick to the stomach, just cause it ended so fast, which such ease for him but so much pain for me. But I'm happy now, happier than I was with Jordan. I'm with Ethan now, who cares more about me than he ever did. I think the only reason it hurts so bad is because of how much I put into it, how much he took, how it was so real for me, but so meaningless to him. That just hurts. But I am happy now. So Jordan can go mess with someone else's head, but not mine.

"Babe, do you want to get in the car?" I came to my senses and realized the car door was opened and Ethan was waiting for me to sit down. I stepped in a smiled up at him. His hazel eyes sparkled. I never knew eyes could sparkle. But I know now that they can. We drove to his flat and cuddled up on the couch to watch a movie. Life was perfect. But nothing can stay perfect for long. Not before something, or someone, comes along and screws things up.



Hey guys. Thanks so much for reading. Sorry this chapter was kind of short bit the feelings in it were real. Very real. I thought I ought to tell you all a bit about myself, just to make you get to know me better. I moved from Tennessee to New Zealand just about 2 months ago and the night before I left my boyfriend did break up with me. I was hurt and crushed and devastated even more when I found out I was just another fun fling. I have mostly moved past but I have not found my Ethan yet. I do believe everyone has an Ethan out there whom they will find one day bit anyways exciting stuff coming up and the huge plot twist (OMG I know). So be excited like favorite comment share and smile! Love love love!


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