Too Broken

Based on a true story. Kat has been moved across the world from America to Austrailia. She's left behind the only love she's ever found, that broke her to pieces. And its not the first time either. Can she find love and be fixed? Or is she too broken?


13. Plan into action

Kats POV
I left pretty early that morning eager to put my plan into action. I got home before Mo, on purpose. I knew she would be bringing her new boyfriend here with her, so I had to dress as attractive as I could. I put on my lace top that fits over me just right and shows off my body figure and my high waisted white shorts. I curled my hair a bit at the ends and applied fresh eyeliner and mascara. I spritzed some perfume and smiled at my reflection, satisfied. I heard the front door open so I hopped on my bed and layed on my stomach with my knees bent up while I texted Sam. 

To: Sam(:: Hey Ethan's over here with Mo :/ Could you come over here and keep me sane?(:

I sent it and he replied almost instantly. 

From: Sam(:: Sure thing! What's your address? I'll be over in 5(:

I texted him my address and pressed send. I heard Ethan and Mo enter the room. I looked up at the doorway. Mo was blabbing her head off about a cat she saw on the street. Can you say annoying? Ethan was staring at me with a blank expression. I smirked before going back to my phone.

From: Sam(:: I'm here!(:

I smiled to myself and didn't say a word to Mo or Ethan as I walked out of my room to the front door. I opened it to see Sam standing there in a v-neck tshirt that fit him nicely and some cargo shorts. I let him in and gave him a hug. I took his hand and led him to my room where Mo and Ethan were sitting on Mo's bed. Mo was still talking nonstop and Ethan was closing his eyes looking annoyed. We entered the room and we walked over to my bed and sat down. Mo looked over at us and Ethan opened his eyes and suddenly looked upset. I don't know why. Maybe he's upset seeing his best friend befriending me. I shrugged it off. Mo spoke up. "Are you too, like, a thing?" She said in her annoying high pitched voice. "No." I replied casually. "Just friends." I smirked a bit at Ethan raising his eyebrow to Sam. "Actually, Kat," Sam began, "I was hoping I could change that today." I looked at him confused. "I wanted to know if you want to go on a date with me tomorrow night?" He said with eyes full of hope. I glanced at Ethan who was clenching his fists. I looked back at Sam. This could help me get over Ethan. I can see myself falling for Sam and he sure is good looking. I smiled and replied "I would love that!" And Sam sighed of relief. We hugged and I kissed his cheek and watched his face redden. It was adorable, it really was. "I'm gonna go get a drink, you want something?" I asked him sweetly. "Water maybe?" He replied. I nodded and got up and went to the kitchen I was filling a glass with water and I turned around to get another cup to see Ethan standing right there. He looked mad. "What the hell Kat?" He whispered angrily. "What?" I asked innocently. "You and Sam? You don't like him!" He half yelled. But he didn't seem so sure. "You don't know that. As a matter of fact I'm looking forward to our date. Now why don't you get back to your girlfriend." I said coldly. He groaned with anger. He ran his fingers through his hair. "I will." He spat at me. "Good." I shot back before pushing him out of the way getting back to my room where I handed Sam his water. "Thanks!" He smiled down at me and I just nodded and moved closer to him and put my head on his shoulder, just cause I wanted to. Not cause Ethan had just entered. Well maybe a little. Just to rub some salt on the wound or whatever that expression is. And by the look on his face I knew it had worked. The plan was working so far.

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