Too Broken

Based on a true story. Kat has been moved across the world from America to Austrailia. She's left behind the only love she's ever found, that broke her to pieces. And its not the first time either. Can she find love and be fixed? Or is she too broken?


2. Moved

The next morning was not easier at all. I felt empty inside. I'd given all my love away and it was taken with none in return. I was silent as I gathered my suitcase and all my last minute things, cleaned up a bit, but not much, and walked out to meet my family in the car. My family didn't know how much he meant to me. They knew I had liked him and they liked him too but they didn't know just how attached I'd become to him. His name was Jordan. He wasn't considered to be too popular. I was out of his league. Everyone including him told me this. I knew this. It didn't matter. I loved him all the same. He had short caramel hair that he gelled up in a quiff. He had braces and ray-ban glasses. He called himself a hipster, and I found it adorable. He was short, only about 5 inches taller than me, and I'm only 5'1. My real name is Katherine, but I've always hated that name, so I insist on everyone calling me Kat. I have brunette hair with natural red and blonde streaks thats long that goes halfway down my back. I straighten my hair every day. I'm pretty pale with an olive undertone to my skin. I have bright blue eyes, which I love, and long eyelashes. I've always loved my eyes, but not much else. Jordan said i was perfect, he made me feel perfect. He made me believe it. I thought he'd never run away from me, never leave me, he told me I was the best girl he's ever gotten. I was stupid to believe it.

At the airport we got through security and ate breakfast. I didn't eat much. I didn't want to. I didn't see what eating would do to help; I was sick to my stomach. "Kat, honey, are you okay?" My mom asked me with a concerned look. I looked up at her. "Yeah just tired." I said with a blank expression, then I looked back at the ground. We continued through the airport until it was time to board the plane. I tweeted a picture of the giant Australian plane, checked Jordan's twitter, out of habit, which only made me sadder to think about him, and got on board. The plane ride was long and boring. The food wasn't great and it was hard to get any sleep. When we arrived I was anxious to get off. But not too anxious. We gathered our things, progressed through customs, and drove to our new home. When we got there I waited for the rest of my family to get their luggage so I could be left alone to get mine. They all went inside to explore. I inhaled a deep, long breath. The air was fresh and sweet smelling. It relaxed me. Maybe what I needed was just a fresh start. To get away from everything. I moved to the back of the car and started to pull out my bags. My two little ones first, then I reached for my large, heavy one. I underestimated how heavy it was and when I finally yanked it free it knocked my backwards and I fell into someone's arms. I looked up to see a beautiful pair of sparkling caramel eyes looking down at me. I was lost in them. I came back to my senses after a few seconds and stood up quickly. I stood my suitcase back up and began to walk away. "Hey!" "Wait!" "Are you alright?" I turned around to see a boy around my age yelling up my driveway at me. The same one who had caught me. I could see the rest of him now. He was very tan, with brown wavy/curly hair that brushed the top if his eyebrows. He smiled. He had a beautiful smile. "Are you alright, love?" He asked in his Australian. "I'm fine, thank you. I muttered just loud enough for him to hear. Then I turned and continued walking. "My pleasure." I heard him say quietly before continuing down the sidewalk. I walked into my new home.
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