Too Broken

Based on a true story. Kat has been moved across the world from America to Austrailia. She's left behind the only love she's ever found, that broke her to pieces. And its not the first time either. Can she find love and be fixed? Or is she too broken?


9. Campout

    The morning of the campout came around and I was so nervous and excited. Everything had to be perfect. I brought out my blue backpack and began to pack. I packed a big t shirt and shorts to sleep in, my swimsuit, toiletries, and some snacks. I finished packing and decided I should get ready myself. I took a warm shower and hopped out after about 15 minutes. I let my hair dry naturally while I got dressed and applied some eyeliner and mascara quickly. Then I straightened my hair. I spritzed some perfume and smiled at myself satisfied with the way I looked. I slipped on some sandals and grabbed my bag and my phone. I felt it vibrate and glanced at the screen. My face lit up when I saw it was Ethan. 

From: Ethan<3: Good morning love! Nearly ready? We could be around to pick you up in about 10 minutes if that works? 

To: Ethan<3: That works perfect! Thanks! x

From: Ethan<3: Be there soon then! Can't wait! xx

    I looked across the room to see Mo was ready to go as well. She has shorts and a frilly t shirt on and curled her hair. I thought it was way too bubbly for a camping trip but that's how Mo always was. I noticed she was shaking her leg. "Excited much?" I asked her. "Of course! I love camping!" She exclaimed and then followed up with a giggle. I swear that girl was always giggling. "They'll be by any minute." I said and then turned my attention to my phone for a few rounds of temple run. *Ding dong* I jumped to the sound of the doorbell, immediately followed by Mo's giggle and went to the door. There stood Ethan looking as fine as ever. 


Ethans POV

     There she stood as gorgeous as ever. I was hoping to confess my feeling to her tonight. Tell her how much I honestly liked her. My mates all knew about it, they were teasing me all afternoon. She was beautiful and seeing her at the door to go on a camping trip brought me an endless supply of happiness accompanied by nerves. Tonight was gonna be perfect. I escorted her and her sister to my car, one on each arm. I had a mate in the passenger seat so they both went to sit in the back. I put the keys in and started the ignition and drove off.


Back to Kats POV

Ethan linked his arm with me and Mo and we sat in the back while he went up front to drive. Mo shot me a wink and I blushed while she started giggling. "What's so funny?" We heard Ethan shoot back. "Nothing." We said in unison before giggling, both of us this time. 


-30 minutes later- 

We arrived at the campsite and unpacked our things. Me and Mo were sharing a tent so we set up our sleeping bags in there and then I put my backpack on mine. I stepped out of the tent to have Mo tackle me back inside. "What the crap Mo?" I said annoyed. "Listen listen listen!" She whisper yelled. I decided to lost her tell me whatever was so exciting. "One of Ethan's mates came up to me and told me Ethan was gonna ask the new girl out! That's you!!! He's planning on asking you out later." I sat there in shock before a giant smile formed on my face. "Really Mo?!?" "REALLY!" We both started giggling and I smiled to myself. We walked out of the tent and all sat in chairs around the campfire. I felt someone come up behind my chair and then there was a tap in my shoulder. I turned my head to see Ethan. I smiled. "Hey Kat, can I talk to you over there by the water?" "Of course" I replied with a smile. He grabbed my hand and led me to the dock. "Can I ask you a question Kat?" I nodded smiling uncontrollably. "We'll there's this girl I like, I like her a lot, I haven't known her for that long but I know how I feel about her. I want to ask her out, but I'm not sure if she likes me." He explained. "I think you should go right out and ask her out. Find a good time and place where the atmosphere is nice and come out and say it. I'm sure she'll say yes." I told him. Of course I'd say yes. "Thanks, I think I'll take that to heart." He smiled at me and winked before standing up. He offered me his hand and I took it and we walked back to the campfire. It was a bit cold out so I decided to walk back to my tent and grab my jacket. "I'll be right back." I said to Ethan. He nodded and smiled and I went to the tent. I picked up my jacket and slid it on before turning around to head back. I saw all the boys standing chanting towards Mo. "SAY YES! SAY YES! SAY YES!" They all screamed. What? Then I saw Mo nod her head slowly and hesitantly then she smiled and nodded it faster. All the guys cheered and Ethan gave her a hug and kissed her cheek. Wait, what? He kissed her cheek. He didn't, he couldn't have. He put his arm around her. He did. He asked Mo out. And she said yes.

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