sinister stranger

A hirl has just started out on college when having difficulty with work, her learning dissability and the social side. She falls into a time of loss of love ,drugs and anythig that may ruin her life. She swts it out as having a souls change with the sinister stranger will it ever leave her or will it send her to her death.


1. The set up

I was happy. Then something happened. I write from the heart, that’s all I’ve ever done so I’ll do it now, I’m going to describe the past term at college to you, the best way I can and then I’m going to introduce you to the sinister Stanger. The one that had been hiding since I started college, it hid in the corners and dominated me when I was most vulnerable. It was like a possession of souls, being swapped. Swapping bodies but one tried to cling on. It made my mind black. It made the inner corners of my life scream out in terror. Smashing the protection from within, controlling my thoughts, my actions. The pressure. Then it simply hid, waiting for another opportunity for when I’m vulnerable again, for when my heart is torn. The sinister stranger, waiting to rule once more.

It begins, of course, when I was gleaming; I was in the beautiful summer warmth of love even though it was snowing outside. I was the brightest and sunniest of days, yet autumn was coming, like a shadow.

It was in my first few months of college; after the first major holiday (Christmas) and I had spent the past two weeks eating nothing but corn dogs and pop tarts basking in the raging hot sun of America, my clothing range mostly shorts to tan the two icicles I called my legs. It allowed me to forget the worries of college as I was finding it an impossible chore rather than a transition between the worst times of your life to your freedom at university. But my holiday had ended. So with a serious disease called ‘anti-college- syndrome’ I returned.

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