The Diary of reality and boring peace

scarlet abigail johnson writes about her lonliness and hatred of her future becoming the same as everyone else. this is just a few on her life shortened down not the reall novel as i am still writing to expand it


3. the Day after the joining 29th July 2051

I and mark have found what to do where going to electrocute the brain! Although i havnt seen him in a few days. Not after the Joining. He was going to help me. We were going to destroy the brain, together. In fact i wanted to be with him forever. No! What is the hybrid brain doing to me?  I will never give in to love and peace, although is love really vile. Is it really tedious and beastly?  I feel, I feel free, the ability to be united with everyone. I can beat the system I can do this. I’ll plant the idea of fighting into the hybrid brain I’m connected to it I can kill the brain, plant the idea and allow it to blossom it will kill everyone. There is only one way to find out.

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