The Diary of reality and boring peace

scarlet abigail johnson writes about her lonliness and hatred of her future becoming the same as everyone else. this is just a few on her life shortened down not the reall novel as i am still writing to expand it


2. 16th of July 2051

I’m sorry Mark, it has been a while But I, and I’ve found someone, someone like me, who hates the word ‘peace’. He’s called Mike. He’s just like me, he wants rebellion, He hates everyone, he hates the thought of marriage and love. Only thing is we are both nearly 18, well be taken in for the ‘joining’ soon. Where we become like everyone else, being controlled without knowing it. Becoming hypnotic love zombies. I refuse we’ll find away to beat it, I know it’s going to be difficult but we can do it, I’ve heard, rumours that people have escaped from the police..Theres only one way I can do that and that is to destroy the ‘hybrid brain.’ I could eliminate it than everyone could see what’s happening war could break out. I would a war Mark.

Hang on, if so who would fight everyone’s hungry, starving in fact. But no one even realises because the hybrid brain is reassuring everyone that everything’s fine. no wars, murders, suicides. there’s too many people in the world. But no according to the ‘almighty hybrid brain’ there’s nothing wrong. I suppose peace isn’t working out how they wanted it to brain will shut down somehow if there’s so many people dying it will cut out not enough brain energy or something. I don’t know but me and Mike we can do this. Better go me and Mike will have to start preparing, we can do this we will.



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