tides of destany

a young boy was born with no hope, with help from gods can he save the world from a grate danger ?
adventure / fantasy


2. The Ghost

At home I told my mom about everything that happened, she had a worried expression on her face, it was weird, very weird. She told me to go to my room meanwhile she makes some phone calls. I was worried about her. I don’t like seeing her like this.


My mom started to ask me if I have had any weird dreams lately and phoned the priest often, he seemed to calm her down a bit but after shed just go even more worried than before.


After another week of worry I had a strange dream  I saw a strange ghost he looked a lot like me but not as tall he seemed like a relative. It was strange he was definitely older than me with a beard and gray hair and kind of medieval clothes I cant remember any other things about him. He had told me something in the dream he had said ‘ your destiny is now the woman was right, you should tell you mum she will know what to do but for know follow me, I need to show you our world, why you need to save us, why every day were starved and punished for any reason at all there is to much dark influence in this world.’


I followed the man I asked him some questions but he always replied with , you will find out all you need to know soon enough.  Once we got to the destination I couldn’t believe my eyes. It was a dark and misty place with smoking ancient ruins they looked like they where made of marble but in a different universe you really don’t know anything about any materials, for all I know this is diamond.


Once we finally reached our final destination, I looked into the distance and saw a great tower in the distance, but it seemed to be glowing, with darkness. At that point I was brought back to my senses I had awoken to a beautiful morning.


That morning after my dream I had decided it would be best to tell my mom about my dream and it turns out what was to come may not be what I expected, turns out most of what the woman said was mostly true but I m not to stop a single evil … but a army of evil. Of course I’m going to have to train to do this but I have no idea on where to get a tutor. From what my mom has told me all the people I’m going to have to defeat could be intensely magic with staffs so powerful +only the most skilled and intelligent can control them without going insane, very strong warriors swinging hammers bigger than your body, or super accurate archers with arrows so piercingly accurate enemy’s will fall before they stand.

 My mom suggest I train in all of those things so I can find out if I’m naturally gifted in any but to train in these I’m going to have to do the impossible, I’m going to have to travel dimensions I’m going to a parallel universe.

It’s weird you know? One minute you swore there is not no other life apart from those you know but then you’re going to an entire universe full of darkness where every one is scared of an enemy. An unknown person or thing who could make such destruction and such chaos…. And I of all people will have to face it me alone.

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