tides of destany

a young boy was born with no hope, with help from gods can he save the world from a grate danger ?
adventure / fantasy


1. awakening


Chapter 1- awakening

On a bright day I awoke to a breakfast of pancakes drowned in honey, cooked by my mother who has sparkling blue eyes, long blonde hair, only stopping at her shoulders, She is twenty-seven.

I’m tall fro my age of 16 blue eyes like my mothers but brown hair with a small fringe no one knows why I have a combination of brown and blue but my mother can always tell a story on it.

At birth my hair and eyes had no colour my parents where very worried since none of the doctors had ever seen a case like this. Nothing they did ever helped. My mother being a very religious Christian resorted to the gods. She would forced my dad to come with her saying she would need the help the priest insisted on this.it seemed like they were going to give up going to the church less and less but yet after the doctors said the end would come, I started regaining colour in my eyes, it may have taken six months but none the less, colour had started. In the end it had taken eighteen months to regain my hair and eyes colour.

None of my friends ever believe me but I always insisted it was the truth and that it would explain why my mom is always over-protective about me. On the way home from school I noticed a sign in a cafe saying STAR SIGN READING HERE.  I always believed that this could be done so I went in and found a middle-aged woman with ginger hair and blue eyes. 


She seemed a nice woman to begin she asked of my star sign I replied with Gemini being born on the 26th of May. I said ‘ I don’t know much about my star sign and I think id like t learn more before we do this’ I got up to leave but she replied saying ‘ I can tell you all you wish to know about any star sign you wish’. I sat back down. They she told me a few things about Gemini ‘Gemini were the twin brothers Castor and Pollux in Greek mythology, also sometimes known as labal and Ivbal.  Gemini is the third astrological sign in the Zodiac, originating from the constellation of Gemini. In astrology, Gemini is considered a "masculine", positive (extrovert) sign. It is also considered an air sign, and is one of four mutable signs.’

‘Ok’ I replied ‘ Isn’t there something else I think I was told it before about their personality?’

‘Yes’ she said ‘ they have two personalities: one normally being more pleasant that the other. Would you like your reading now?”

‘ Yes please’ I replied

She started talking again ‘ All right then I’ll need to see your hand and one strand of your hair.’ I gave my hand and a few strands of my hair she placed one on my hand and started talking again. ‘There is only one more thing you need to do then it is all up to me. Close your hand and describe yourself as well as possible with three words only. You may think this is impossible but it’s not it will require you to think deeply about yourself’.

Looking at her with a shocked expression and thinking as hard as anyone could, I replied with three words that slipped out; ones I didn’t think I would ever use to describe myself in a million years: ‘Kind, caring and destructive.’

In shock, she replied with ‘ destructive? Well I’m not one to judge, so now let me see. Your hand again and I will finish your reading… strange, Very strange your reading is very strong like you have a very great purpose for your life, but it’s being clouded by a dark force from another world. Wait further than that …   far, far away another universe where the balance is collapsing. Only you can stop this. You are the chosen one.’

I ran as fast as I could, not believing anything it was impossible. There is no chance any evidence of another universe, a chosen one; really I can’t believe any of this. It’s just … stupid.

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