this is me

my life up to now very very quickly
with sweet comments from vampiress and Hazza_direction2123


3. Vampiress POV

Grace is one of the best people I know and is always there when you want help. She is not only helpful but she is also has an amazing sense of humour, this is why I like her. She is also a bit retarded because we (as in us and our friends) are pretending to be characters from Twilight and Im Bella and shes Edward (RETARDS!). Somehow Grace also has a knack of saying the things that everyone does but doesnt want the others to know e.g watching sad TV programs. She also makes the situation change- wether its for better or for worse I dont know?- but we were all crying at a film (except Grace) and then suddenly she started singing "Im riding on a magic wolf, through the forrressssttt!!!!" And she really killed our emotional moment.

 But Grace does have a loving side- she has this massive crush on Dan and Phil from youtube. She also loves this guy called Harvey, but she wont admit it and if she read this she would flip (they really should try sexual pie!).

She is one of the best friend you could ever hope for, thanks for being there for my stupid moments Grace!

Love Olivia xxxxxx


A message from Bella O.o

Hey Edward, you are the best husband ever. I guess this would be a bad time to tell you I am cheating on you with Alec and Benjamin!

Love you Bella lol

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