this is me

my life up to now very very quickly
with sweet comments from vampiress and Hazza_direction2123


4. TheDramaLlama's POV

Grace is...mental. In a good way- she's one of my best friends and I wouldn't swap her for the world. The rest of us are mental and retards too, so it's all okay. She is the comedian of the group- ask anyone. Whenever there is a sad moment, she can cheer everyone up in an instant. Like Vampiress said, we were all watching Twilight and we were all about to cry (except Grace, who was too busy doing a singing commentary of the film) because *SPOILER ALERT* they ripped Carlisle's head off. So she goes, "Riding on a magical wolf through a foressssst...." and we all couldn't stop laughing. Well, Safa was still finding it hard to accept that they killed Carlisle *sob* Then, when we were all singing the song in the end credits, because she didn't know the words she sings, "I'm gonna pretend I know the worrrrrds..."

She does have a loving side-ask her boyfriend- and is married to Phil, of course. In a word Grace is... unique. And that's why we all love her so much. Thanks for being there through everything and I hope you're gonna be there for us all until we're grannies watching Twilight, remembering when we were 12.



:D     Megan xxx :P

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