this is me

my life up to now very very quickly
with sweet comments from vampiress and Hazza_direction2123


5. self esteem

In this chapter ill talk about my own personal self esteem and let me get this straight.. i am NOT a show off , i just like myself. I dont think anyone should have a reason to dislike themselfs in any way. I know what i am capable of i like myself, i know i can act and sing. I know im not fat,im well built, i know im not ugly,im different and i know i have no sense in fashion what so ever,im unique. If youve read the other chapters I am crazy and i like it. Im girly one minute and not the next and i like who i am. I cant believe im going to say this but yolo. You only live once, then you die. I need to live life to the fullest and enjoy myself without getting down about what i look like , my taste in music,guys,fashion because i am me and no one could change that ever.

In life everyone will get people that they dislike or that dislike them. I cant deal with this very well. Yes i have had people that hate me or have said nasty things to me and i can not deal with that at all. even if i fall out with someone i will lose sleep and that is a problem for me because i am very  easy to dislike. everyone , even your friends will find something they dislike about you and you just have to accept that but my advice for people is everyone gets haters and you just have to egnore it. I dont care that people call me a show off anymore because i know i like to tell people about my life and when they know enough ill stop and people absolutley hate that but it gets to me on the inside. another thing is that people think im weird because i have had many boyfriends and i love bright coloured hair and piercings but thats me.

thats the end of this chapter if you dont like it then tough


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