this is me

my life up to now very very quickly
with sweet comments from vampiress and Hazza_direction2123


1. my life up to now

HI, my name is Grace i live in england and im very happy.

lets start in primary school. i was never bullied and i was always really happy in the early years i met my best friend Rosie and we have been really close for 8 years. i want to school in a small town in west yorkshire and there werent many people in the class so we were quite close. apart from Seb he was... unique.

through the years i did a lot of stage work and singing tuition and school did a lot of shows at our nearest theater and i really enjoyed that because not a lot of schools do as much as we did in that department because we werent very sporty so that made up for it.

it came to high school and at first i was a bit nervous because everyone thought i was a snob and a nerd cos i went to a private school and my uniform was different. if you ask anyone from my school they will say they loved it

at the moment im fairly happy my friends are nice and we all go on movellas together. me and my best friend are still close but my boyfriend ..( yes Megan, Harvey) wont text me or get in touch with me in anyway so thats annoying but yeah thats me in a nutshell

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