this is me

my life up to now very very quickly
with sweet comments from vampiress and Hazza_direction2123


2. Gtastic in Hannah's point of view

Grace is a hard working, talented, nice, funny girl that I have the pleasure of going to school with her. She is a great friend and we always have a lot of funny when we are together (which is nearly everyday). I've grown to love Grace in the short time I've known her and I can safely say she is one of the best-friends I've had in my whole life. 

I've never meet her boyfriend and I'm sure he is nice and is going to treat her well, but if he EVER, and I mean EVER hurts my bestfriend, I will hunt him down and make sure he never does it again to anyone! I'm being serious.

Love you Grace.

(She sad that to me once when she wanted my food!! :P) 

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