Suicide Thoughts

Just have you had the thoughts that you wanna die? You just want to do an overdose of drugs and never come back to life? To know that no one is going to miss you and you cry every night for all those boys that you care for but they don't care about you?
This is my story


3. The Beginning Of Six Grade

Starting six grade was going to be the greatest year of my life. Going to a new school and meeting new people. It was the worst year of my life! I met this cute guy named Thomas and Nathan. They didn't know my past I had before. Who would want to date a suicide girl? Then, I started dating Thomas. We would have late time phone calls, and we would Skype call each other. It was a cute relationship. Until I was embarrassed in front of everyone in science class. It was the first time I was on my period and I couldn't help myself! Blood was on the stool, and I wanted to cry so badly! I wanted to end my life! No matter what anyone said I would always be a stupid whore. I cut that night 5 times because I couldn't handle the bullying and the emotional scarring. Then Thomas broke up with me because I just wasn't right one for him. But it was really because of the science accident. After he broke up with me I cut myself 3 times because he was the first real boyfriend that cared for me.
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