Suicide Thoughts

Just have you had the thoughts that you wanna die? You just want to do an overdose of drugs and never come back to life? To know that no one is going to miss you and you cry every night for all those boys that you care for but they don't care about you?
This is my story


4. Seventh Grade

Hopefully this year will end up grader for me... This was the best year I have had so far. Nothing happened in this year except I fell alot for boys. I knew that I should stop carry cause they dont care about me. I am ugly and I should give up on life. I started dating this guy named Riley. I would say we had a serious relationship. We dated for about 9 months then it ended. We went to San Antonio together for band. I started crying in the lobby, everyone asked me if I was ok. I lied and said I was fine. I wasn't! No one knew what I had been hiding the whole time. But my friend Blair was there who helped me through everything! I told her everything that had happened in my past and she helped calmed me down. The only thing I wanted to calm me down was to know that I was going to die soon. I just wanted to die. I was suffering inside and I wanted it to be free!
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