Suicide Thoughts

Just have you had the thoughts that you wanna die? You just want to do an overdose of drugs and never come back to life? To know that no one is going to miss you and you cry every night for all those boys that you care for but they don't care about you?
This is my story


1. June 11th/2009

The day of your birthday is supposed to be enjoy full and forgettable, right? Wrong, is was possibly the worst day of my life. I was having a pool party at my house for my birthday and I invited some girls over to get together. They ended up yelling at each other and yelling (fuck, shit, hell, bitch, whore, etc.) It was the worst day of my life and to know that it was my fault I created this party. I wasn't even supposed to be born, so why was I? I am a horrible person, I am a fake, and to realize that my friends don't even care about me. That was the day I first cut. The burning and the sight of the blood was just unforgettable. After, I cut that first time, I couldn't control myself and now it is a horrible addiction and I can't stop.
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