Fix A Heart

Arden isn't your average 16yr old. She has a horrible reputation. No one understands her. No one knows the real story, and she's here to tell it. How everything really is and not what other people think. This story is different than a lot of movellas out there. So, I invite you to read and listen to Arden and how her world is flipped upside down and with every turn, there's a new, not so great, path. This story reminds you never to judge a book by it's cover and how actions speak louder than words. WARNING: This movella is rated red so it says 16+


6. Trouble

    I couldn't help but step in. She's obviously upset enough without Mike touching her. He wasn't being gentle or respectful. I feel protective over Arden. Why? I don't know. I guess because she's so petite and well, she doesn't seem to fit in. Maybe I don't either but she might need me. I already sound like a jackass but I can't explain these feelings because I've never had them before and I haven't known her long at all. She could be a horrible person when I get to know her but something tells me she's not. When I pull Mike's arm down, the guy named Damion gets in my face.

"He must not have heard, Mike." I quickly look to Mike who's still staring at Arden. She's shaking her head.

"I haven't heard of what?" Mike finds humor from my question. 

"Go on Arden, tell him." She stays silent. What the hell is going on? Do they harass her? This doesn't even seem real right now. 

"Let me just walk her home, I don't want any trouble."

"Fine, but when you find out, you'll be embarrassed you even talked to her.", Mike states before shoving her to me. She doesn't meet my eyes, only starts walking. Mike and his friends disappear into the opposite direction. 

"Arden, wait up." She stops and turns around.

    Arden's POV:   At first, I didn't want to wait for him. He doesn't know anything. Now he expects me to tell him. It's getting late so I know I have a beating coming. At least I still have two bags of weed still hidden so I can smoke later.

"What was that all that about?" I kick a rock to avoid his question. "I know we haven't exactly known each other for a long time, but I can keep a secret.", he adds.

"It's not a secret.", I answer before continuing my walk home. He doesn't say anything else so I turn around.

"Thanks though-for helping." It feels weird saying thank you to someone. I've hardly ever said it. I go back to walking but not home. I decide to crash at Reed's. He's offered to take me in, but I never wanted to be a bother. Plus I'd never be sober enough to get to school. It's a long walk, one that takes almost an hour. I don't know where Jesse lives, but I do hope he got home safe. After all, he's the only person making an effort to be nice to me. Will we be friends? I don't think so. I've been doing just fine on my own and I wouldn't want drama started. He's a jock that belongs with the jocks. One who should be hurting me like the others. One who should find humor in my pain. I finally come to Reed's trailer and knock harshly. When he opens, he looks very clean cut and smells great.

"Arden, what's up?"

"I need to crash here. It's too late to go home." He looks down at his watch for a second.

"It's only 6:30."

"I know. My dad is waiting for me by now." He sighs heavily.

"I can't tonight."


"I can't take you in-not tonight."


"I have people looking for me and if they find me you can't be a part of it." I don't say anything else, instead I just walk away. Where am I supposed to go? I have no choice, I'll just have to go home and face my dad. It's freezing by now and close to seven. Almost dark, only street lights lead my way. When I finally make it home, dad's car is gone. That's actually great news for me. Maybe I should come home late more often. As soon as I get inside, I go to the kitchen. I'm not allowed any good left overs from the fridge so I get some cheese crackers then I go smoke my second bag of weed. At least then I won't be able to worry about dad coming home-if he comes home. After smoking, I leave out my window for a walk. I usually do these, drunk/high or not, because I can be alone. Without being drunk, I'm slightly more aware of what's happening but even that's not ideal. I do, however, come upon the house I stopped at the night before. The same house to which I have no idea who lives there. I stay standing there for what seems like no time but is really hours. Eventually, I just sit in the front lawn and play with the grass surrounding me. The funny thing is, it's probably close to ten or so and I'm not tired at all. I usually stay up all night being high alone. When I'm mixed being drunk as well, I pass out quickly. Most first timers get too nervous to mix but I've always done it. I can die pretty easily with what all I do but I told myself a while back I'd be okay with dying. It's been a while since I've tried suicide, and maybe that's a good thing. 

    Eventually I get bored of picking grass so I end up falling asleep behind a big tree where no one can see me. The night doesn't frighten me, not at all in fact, so I fall deep into a somehow peaceful sleep. Day comes quickly when not knowing what time you fell asleep. I walk home and get a long awaited shower and today I have time to straighten my hair and even put on my makeup. As for clothes, I wear a white Jack Daniel's hoodie, which is frowned upon at school, and black skinny jeans that have rips everywhere. They're probably my newest pair out of any and also my favorite. Since I'm up early, thank God, I can also get breakfast. Once I'm at the gas station, I get my usual breakfast sandwich with two red bulls. When I'm satisfied I start to school with my backpack over both shoulders-I actually remember to bring it today. First period is history. Great, Jesse will be in there. The hall is clear of Mike so I rush to my class as get there without confrontation. 

    Soon enough the bell rings for class and everyone rushes in, not seeing me in the back as usual. Then, I see Jesse. He's looking directly at me. I look away until he sits beside me. 

"Did you ever get home last night?"

"No. I slept under a big tree. You?"

"Wait, you what?"

"I couldn't go home."

"Why not?"

"Alright class turn to chapter twenty-two." Thank heavens class starts. It's the first time I'm excited about it. I don't think I'll be able to open up to Jesse. Not only do I not know him but I've had this same thing happen before. Where guys pretend to care just to cause more trouble in the long run...

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