Fix A Heart

Arden isn't your average 16yr old. She has a horrible reputation. No one understands her. No one knows the real story, and she's here to tell it. How everything really is and not what other people think. This story is different than a lot of movellas out there. So, I invite you to read and listen to Arden and how her world is flipped upside down and with every turn, there's a new, not so great, path. This story reminds you never to judge a book by it's cover and how actions speak louder than words. WARNING: This movella is rated red so it says 16+


1. Prologue

    I'm the girl who everyone talks about. I'm the girl who steals, drinks, parties, cuts. I'm the "emo" girl. I'm the girl who's been raped eight times. I'm the girl that's never fit in. I'm the girl who gets beaten at both home and school. I'm the "hopeless case". I'm the girl that fights more than talks. I'm the girl rumored to be a complete slut. I'm the girl who attempts suicide at least twice a month. I'm the girl who's experimented with drugs more times than once. I'm Arden Marie Sutton.

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