Fix A Heart

Arden isn't your average 16yr old. She has a horrible reputation. No one understands her. No one knows the real story, and she's here to tell it. How everything really is and not what other people think. This story is different than a lot of movellas out there. So, I invite you to read and listen to Arden and how her world is flipped upside down and with every turn, there's a new, not so great, path. This story reminds you never to judge a book by it's cover and how actions speak louder than words. WARNING: This movella is rated red so it says 16+


5. Jesse

    Jesse's POV:   I moved to Wisconsin because of a football and baseball scholarship. I was hesitant at first, but I needed a fresh start. Fresh start means no friends. When I walked into first period, eyes were instantly on me. I knew it would be easy being friends with all the jocks and cheerleaders-but I don't want to be. Maybe it's better if I don't. I look around the small class to find a petite girl with long blonde hair sitting alone in the back corner of the room. Does she have any friends? More than likely, everyone has at least one friend. She didn't look pleased when I sat by her but when I saw her blue eyes, I couldn't look away for a few seconds. Something about her was different from all the others. Aside from her hair and eye color, I noticed her swollen face. Girl fight maybe? A lot of questions run through my mind and only about this particular girl. But why? I don't even know her name nor does she even look back at me. One thing that does catch my attention is as soon as I took the seat beside her, everything went quiet. No one payed attention to us-not even the teacher. Everyone acted as if we didn't exist. 

    When lunch arrives, I take out my paper sack and look for a spot to sit. The cafeteria is beyond hectic-almost as hectic, in fact, as the hallway. I find the gym to be empty until I look to the vending machine. Sitting on the floor is her. The girl from history. Maybe I can talk to her or something...

    Arden's POV:   When I see it's Jesse, I don't feel very comfortable. I feel like Mike is close behind or something. He walks over with a smile and stops in front of me. 

"Mind if I join you?" I look up at him. I start to melt when seeing his eyes stare into mine. I take a second to compose myself then give a slight nod. His smile gets bigger and he sits on my left. When I hear him rummaging through his paper sack, my stomach growls. Shit. I hope he didn't notice. He pulls out a huge sandwich which only makes me hungrier. He catches me staring but I quickly look away. I hear a little laugh and see him holding out half of the sandwich to me. I stare at the food but shake my head. 

"You sure you don't want half?" I'm starving but it's kind of awkward taking food from someone you've barely met. I nod my head and look away, startled when he whispers in my ear.

"I heard your stomach, it's alright to take half." I'm suddenly embarrassed but take the half of the sandwich. It's insane how good it feels to eat. I don't even care that Jesse is beside me, I devour the entire thing in a minute. His eyes get big and I get nervous until he bursts with laughter.

"For someone who didn't want half at first, you sure can eat." I can feel my cheeks get warm so I look away until they feel cool again. 

"Um, thanks-for the half."

"No problem, my mom packs my lunches. She makes my meals oversized." I nod and fiddle with my fingers until he speaks up.

"So what's your name?" It's kind of funny that he asks for my name because more than half the school doesn't even know. All they know me as is the "bitch", "slut", "homely girl" etc. 


"That's a neat name-Arden. So do you usually sit in here alone?" I'm not used to having a real conversation but this one might go somewhat well.

"Yeah, it's the only place I can catch a break." He gives me a funny look, obviously thrown off.

"What do you mean?"

"You haven't heard?" I'm actually caught off guard.

"No..I mean it's my first day so I don't know what goes on." I look down, not wanting to tell him anything. I mean why should I? He'll find out either now or later and both ways means he won't ever speak to me again. I don't tell anyone my story. I barely told Reed. I jump when the bell rings so I jump up and rush to class. He can just find out from Mike or other assholes because I just can't talk about it...

    Jesse's POV:   Then, she left. Gone within seconds, leaving me alone in the gym. Maybe I was being pushy? That can't be it because I didn't ask specifically ask for an explanation. What if it has something to do with her swollen face or busted lip? Or maybe that's just her natural facial appearance I don't want to come off as an asshole. Something about her keeps me thought. It didn't help that we have every class together except English-sitting beside her is hard, because I just want to talk as we did at lunch, even if it wasn't but for five minutes. I catch Arden in the hall but she pulls back, almost punching me.

"Woah, it's just me."

"Oh, sorry. Reflex." 

"Where's your backpack?"

"Left it at home."

"Ah that sucks. Have you gotten in trouble yet?"

"No. I never do."

"So you just do what you want?"

"Pretty much. No limits really." Just as I'm about to speak again, she turns right, into Art...

    Arden's POV:   Art is the only subject I do well in. Well, when I like the project, that is. I draw people better than animals but animals aren't too challenging either. I sit alone, as in every class, and await Mrs Kohl to assign our project. She runs in, clearly late, and stumbles into her desk. She usually does this so we have at least five minutes of free time while she gets her papers together. I can't help but ease drop when my name is mentioned though.

"Where was Jesse today?", a preppy girl named Alex asks.

"I hear he ditched then came back", Alex's best friend Gwen cuts in. 

"No, I heard he had sex behind the gym with that bitch-whatever her name is.", a jock named Kevin speaks up.

"Arden? That whore! Mike is gonna kill her. She's already slept with Jesse!" Alex is pissed. Of course it's not true but they continue.

"Yeah Mike is furious. She sleeps around too much", Kevin ends. I lay my head on my table until Mrs. Kohl speaks up.

"Okay class, since it's right after fall break, you are doing a winter theme project. That means anything to do with winter. Whether it be about Christmas or whatever else you come up with. Due Friday. So only three days. You may begin." I grab a big canvas first, knowing that is the last one. Next I grab the water colors. I want to paint something personal and make it mean something. So, I begin...

    Jesse's POV:   English is alright until I hear whispers all around.

"She's already slept with him."

"He's ruined."

"She's in deep shit now."

"Alex and Gwen are furious."

"I thought he was smart?"

"Obviously got STDs now."

"He shouldn't have transferred." They're about me. But who's the girl I've apparently "slept with"? First day and I've ruined my reputation? Well damn. Maybe I can fix this.

    When the final bell rings, I look for Arden but no luck. A guy with longer blonde hair comes up to me though.

"You're Jesse, right?"


"Well I'm Mike. Looks like we'll be teammates."

"Nice to meet you Mike, I hope for a good season." He puts his arm over my shoulder like friends and we begin walking slowly.

"So a lot has happened on your first day huh?"


"I've just got to ask. Is it true?"


"You sleeping with that bitch."

"What bitch?"

"Arden." My jaw tightens when he disrespects her like that. Maybe I don't know her well yet, but it does bother me as he says this.

"Um no. I forgot something at my locker though so I'll catch you later man." He pats me on the back.

"Alright see you later." He doesn't leave the hallway so after I'm finished with my locker, I go see what's going on in the Art room. To my surprise, Arden is still in here.

"Hey Arden, what's up?" She doesn't look up but gives a small wave.

"Woah, you're painting this?" She looks up and smiles. It's the first smile I've seen from her, which I hope to keep seeing.

"Yeah, It's my project. What are you doing?"

"I was looking for you but got caught up in the hall by some guy named Mike." Her blue eyes quickly turn frightened.

"Is he-is he still here?" She looks scared but I'm not sure why. She's even starts whispering.

"He was when I walked in here. I told him I'd see him later but he didn't leave. Why?" She quickly hides her canvas and puts the water colors away, even tripping.

"Calm down what's wrong?", I ask as I help her up. She continues to whisper.

"I have to leave, I have to hurry." I can tell she wants to cry. I also hear footsteps from down the hall. Mike. She sprints to the window and can't get it open so she panics, begging for help. I do, rather quickly, and help her make the jump. She asks me to come with her so I do. I wouldn't want her being alone at almost five anyway. When I'm also out of the window, she takes my arm and begins jogging. What's her deal? Maybe Mike is her ex or something? When we get to the front of the school, we see two other guys walking around.

"Oh shit. Jesse you need to go home."

"What? Why?" They see us and one of them runs inside the school to retrieve Mike, I'm guessing.

"Just please don't stay." The remaining guy jogs over and grabs Arden's arm but she doesn't fight back. 

"Thanks for bringing Arden to the front. We'll walk her home." It doesn't feel right so I stay. Arden looks at me with teary eyes and shakes her head.

"What's going on here?"

"Mike just needs Arden to ask her a question. You can just go home, we'll take good care of her."

"Damion..", Arden whispers.

"Maybe I should stay, just to see that she gets home." Mike and the other guy are standing beside us now and look pissed.

"He wants to stay Mike." Mike steps in the center but doesn't take his eyes off Arden. She doesn't meet his stare.

"Jesse, you seem like a nice guy so I'll try to understand why you'd want to walk around with this slut." I'm furious. I'm tallest of us guys and I have the most muscle. But three against one doesn't seem fair.

"She's not a slut." I speak up. Mike and his friends burst into laughter. Then Mike touches her-pulls her head up to face him and that's when it all happens.


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