Fix A Heart

Arden isn't your average 16yr old. She has a horrible reputation. No one understands her. No one knows the real story, and she's here to tell it. How everything really is and not what other people think. This story is different than a lot of movellas out there. So, I invite you to read and listen to Arden and how her world is flipped upside down and with every turn, there's a new, not so great, path. This story reminds you never to judge a book by it's cover and how actions speak louder than words. WARNING: This movella is rated red so it says 16+


8. Everybody Talks

    Arden's POV:   I bite my lip as I make the cuts into my arms. Some hurt, others are pure relief. I do this until they're all the way up my left arm. Jesse is going to hate me for this but I haven't heard from Reed so I'm out of weed. Blood pours down my arm but I don't care. I sit in the bathroom and bleed until I eventually pass out. When I wake up, my arm is wrapped, I'm lying in bed, and I see a familiar boy sitting at the end of the bed. Jesse.

"Jesse?" He turns around with a big smile and rushes to my side.

"You didn't answer my calls, so I had to come check on you." We've been joined at the hip ever since I told him my story in the art room a month ago. Everyone stops and stares but Jesse looks passed everything and stands by me. I do find it surprising that Mike hardly gives him a hard time about being my friend but that's a good thing. I'm scared he'll be talked to and get too caught up in the rumors and actually never talk to me again. 

"I uh.."

"I know. You cut again."

"I need weed or alcohol-or anything."

"You don't need those things", he almost whispers.

"I can't just snap my fingers and quit."

"I know. But look on the brighter side, You haven't been hit since that night with Reed." I shrug and stare out the window.

"Do you think my dad is ever coming back?"

"I dont know.."

"Do you think something happened?"


"You know, I hate him. I really do. All the things he did to me-the hell I went through when my mom died-but I wouldn't wish him death. I'm not that cruel." Jesse is clearly speechless. I wouldn't know what to say to that either.

"Why don't we go out-lets go eat." I crinkle my face in confusion.

"You're so random but I'm starving." He winks and pulls me out of bed.

"You changing?"

"Depends on where we go I guess."

"This place is fancy so you might want to get dolled up." I throw my head back and groan. 

"But Jess-"

"You heard me missy." He playfully pushes me towards my closet before leaving into the living room. What the hell do I wear? It's still chilly so I decide on my best dress. I saved up for it last year and it's my newest item of clothing I have. It's a very fitted, long sleeved shorter black dress with an edgy cut out design in the back. It makes me look older as well. I decide to wear matching flats instead of high heels because they're just more comfortable and then I leave my hair in natural waves while adding my usual too much eye makeup and walking into the living room.

"Okay. I'm ready but if you laugh I'll hurt you." I feel so weird dressing up when It's not a date but this is the nicest thing I have. Jesse turn around and his mouth practically drops open. I look down at myself and attempt to pull down the dress but it doesn't work.

"I'm changing." I turn to run back into my room but Jesse stops me while laughing.

"No, you look-uh-" He cuts off with snickering. I give him a shove to the arm.

"You're so immature."

"You look great. Ready for this fancy shmancy dinner?"

"Ready as I'll ever be." While walking he pulls out a blindfold and hands it to me.

"Do I really have to?" He nods and waits until it's secure to take my hand and lead the way. We walk for ages. After a while I question if this dinner is even worth this long ass walk but a few strides later we stop and he takes off my blindfold. He wasn't kidding. McDonalds is on up there in the fancy factor. I'm being completely sarcastic by the way. I can't help but join in the laughter as we walk inside. We get strange stares here and there but I think Jesse's plan was hilarious. 

"So what do you want and you better not say a salad."

"Salad's aren't my thing. I want a Big Mac." His eyes look filled with excitement before going to place our order. I stare out the window as it turns dark only to find a pack of boys coming this way. Mike and his crew. When Mike sees me, he stares-obviously caught off guard by my attire for the evening. I decide to look away and try to ignore them all but they all walk in and pick a table right beside our booth. I feel very anxious and scared so I try to motion Mike over and luckily he's already put in our order and is making his way back over.

    Jesse's POV:   When I see Mike and his friends sitting beside us, I get uneasy. Nothing is ever okay with Mike-he's fine one second but can turn on you in an instant. I should know, I see him on the field almost every day for practice.

"They're out of ingredients for our order so we have to go somewhere else." She doesn't hesitate to grab my hand but when we're walking away, Mike opens is big mouth.

"Got some streets to work tonight princess?" She looks up at me as her beautiful blue eyes start to water. I turn around to face him but stop myself from inching towards him. If I do, it won't be pretty. Plus she shakes her head in agreement to just walk away while also letting tears stream down her face. She really is beautiful but without the makeup as well. I get flashbacks to the first day I saw her. Her hair wasn't done up, her face was completely natural, her clothes were so simple. When we reach outside we walk around the drive-thru and just request our food and we get it without a problem. We decide to eat out on the curb and it's actually nicer than inside. We talk for what seems like hours and it just makes me realize how comforting having a best friend is. Back in Texas, I never really had any friends. I was the jackass who hang out with all the "cool" kids and did stupid stuff. I got into my fair share of trouble but nothing to the extent of Arden so I'm not sure if I should tell her yet. She could completely change her mind about me but hopefully she'll understand...

    Arden's POV:  When Jesse walks me home, he asks me to clean my cuts one last time before going to bed. It's really different having someone to look after me-I almost feel like a kid again. I decide to just clean them in front of him so he knows it's been done but right after he leaves. I kind of like having the house to myself. I clean it and it's never looked better. I usually had to stay in my room all day everyday out of fear of my dad but since he's been gone for a while, I don't have that fear anymore-not even for if he comes back. As I look around the living room, I see how placed everything is. It doesn't smell of smoke, there's now no dust, my dad's shit is gone-it's just peaceful. Even though I feel more aware and awake without weed, I need some or I'm going to go crazy. Alcohol will work too. I decide to just stop by Reed's and to my surprise, he's home. 

"Haven't heard from you in awhile."

"I felt bad after what happened weeks ago with your injuries."

"Don't-I'm fine. I was wondering though-"

"Oh! Yeah here." He hands me a significant amount of weed along with a bag of alcohol. He really did feel bad to supply me with this much. We talk for a few more minutes then I'm on my way home. I realize how much trouble I can get in if cops patrolled more often but I've never been caught.  Once I'm home I quickly get my lighter and smoke a little weed. I feel instantly better. It's almost like dying of thirst but suddenly getting a lot of water at once. I've been a lot higher but I'd rather save as much as possible, not knowing when I'll have more. I do, however, go for a long walk while taking some tequila with me. It's now really late and pretty cold but that doesn't stop me. I keep walking until I come upon that same house I always wonder to. I never plan to end up here, going different paths every time, but I always seem to come here. Not being too high or drunk, I visualize more about the house. It's not the biggest house but far nicer than mine with a Range Rover parked outside. I find myself staring at the car more than the house itself but when I see a shadow figure walking around, I dart before I get the cops called on me. I should really find out who lives here because now it's starting to bother me...

   Jesse's POV:   The closer I become with Arden, the more I find myself worrying about her. I'm relieved she's been drug/alcohol free for a while now but I'm just waiting for when she finds a new supply. I also don't find it safe for her to be alone all the time, enabling her to do more harm to herself whenever she pleases. Luckily, my grades have turned to straight A's so school isn't a problem anymore so I have extra time to hang out with Arden. I do feel I can help her with the drug and alcohol addiction and maybe even the cutting as well. I can't take back what's she's been through already but I can hopefully keep anything negative from her in the future...


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