2020 (for the sci-fi comp)

This is for the sci-fi competiton, don't know if it's gonna be any good tho. INSPIRED BY A MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE SONG! YAY!!!!!


1. 3....2....1

I raised my arm to the sky, this was it. This is the end.


It's the year 2020. There are no flying cars, it's exactly like it was in 2013. Exept, in 2013, we weren't faced with aliens. You may be thinking that i'm talking about the green things with huge heads and black, enormous eyes, but aliens aren't like that... they're exactly like us. Same body structure, exept they don't speak english.


I look at the alien in front of me, she holds the gun close to my heart, she looks sorry to kill me, after all, we look the same. Same bright green eyes, same dark blonde hair, same clothes, skirt, leggings.. same shoes. same scars. it was like looking into a mirror. "Etorum, eng illo etorum!" She cries, as her fingers move towards the trigger. Somehow, the words translate themselves into my head. "Sorry, i'm so sorry!"  understanding, I smile "It's okay, I understand" I see her face contort, and she smiled back. "Eco yem ramsai!" She laughs, and i mirror her laugh as the words form themselves in my head "we can understand eachother!" It becomes. "I know.. it's amazing!" I laugh back, and she understands. She offers me her hand, and I take it.


Like I said, they're exactly like us. They have just advanced in technology more.  And don't speak english.


"What's your name? I ask, and she smiles. "Anairam!" She replies. "Repeat after me okay, i'll teach you my language!" I say, and she nods. "My name is Anairam." I lead, and she repeats it. Without hesitation, or confusion, she repeats each word. Steadily, as if she's known the language her whole life. Suddenly she starts spitting out words, phrases, quotes, song lyrics. I can see the intelligence in her eyes. If she can learn the whole english language in less than a minute, her race must be geniuses. "How did you... how can you learn the entire english language in less than a minute? "

"I don't know, it just came to me! I wonder if it has something to do with our 'bond' we share, let me try teaching you, and see if the same thing happens with you!" She replies, and I nod. "what's your name?" she asks, and I reply with a steady voice, "Mariana." "Mariana, repeat my words: Repti caras ikka Mariana." she says, I repeat the words, and suddenly a rush of words form in my head. Her language echoes around my head, and I can't help but smile. "It happened to me too!" I laugh, and she smiles.


Maybe aliens aren't bad after all.

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