A Ripped Heart

Laina broke up with her boyfriend. The cheating, lying monster. But now, Laina is having second thoughts..... Was someone just telling her things to tear them apart? Was it all planned? Will Biren and Laina get back together? Or let one thing come between them....?


1. Second thoughts

       Laina and Biren walked down the sidewalk together, hand in hand on their way home.

 "Everything is perfect about you Laina, I dont know why you cant see it." Biren complimented.

 "Girls never find themselves perfect." Laina taught,

  Suddenly, Zia, walked up next to Biren, "Hey you." 

 Biren let out a annoyed sigh, "Hello Zia."

 "So-" Zia started off.

  "Hey my house is right here. Half to go." Biren said giving Laina a kiss, "See you tomorrow." He shot her a handsome smile.

  "Bye Biren." She smiled back.

  Zia and Laina walked together down the street, "You do know Biren is cheating on you." 

 Zia said.

"No hes not." Laina disagreed, "Here's my house. I half to go." Laina ran inside and closed the door.

Laina whispered to herself, "What if he is...?"


   It was about 8:30 at night and Laina was sitting on her bed working on her homework. What if Biren is cheating on me? Is that the reason hes always over at Zia's? 

  She through her pencil down and ran and grabbed her phone. She dialed his number and waited. A girl answered the phone, "Hello?" 

 Laina couldn't believe it. The girl on the phone. Was Zia.

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